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I have three f2p accounts that I'd like to consolidate into two. Would I be able to have a CSR move the characters for me? I haven't seen one on while I've been on to ask.

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afaik there are at least 2 conditions for a transfer (at least these were set in the past)

1. target and source account have to be payed
2. the same slot as used by the char on the source account has to be free on the target account (slot numbers start with 0 from the top)

so check number 2 to be sure that a move is possible - if you're lucky they changed rule 1 in the meantime

edit: but I suppose they all use slot 0 - at least most people create their chars from top to bottom

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Edit: Actually, scratch that. It wouldn't take much to remake a couple characters to make the transfer possible - if the p2p rule is gone. CSR: is that rule still in effect?

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Hi Nonea,

Character transfer between 2 accounts is possible, if both accounts are subscribed. and both belong to you. Please email your request to support-ee@ryzom.com, making sure to list:

1. account name, character name and slot (top slot is slot 0) to transfer FROM
2. account name and slot (top slot is slot 0) to transfer TO
3. Your real name, postal address and date of birth.

Please make sure that the email you send from matches the email registered in both accounts and all account fields (name, date of birth, address etc.) are completely filled in (this to ensure that you are, in fact, you :)


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Ah, so still the "you must be subscribed" rule. Guess I'll have to make do for now since I'm not ready yet to subscribe one account, much less three. Thanks for the response.
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