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I think it would be nice to have time stamp option for the as well.

1, To see if the same gas explosion killed you and the mektoub if you went AFK and a nice Homin decided to dig next to you (Did not happen to me but a guildie of my was accused of gassing someone and his/her meks.)

2, IF someone heals you to know how long ago was it if they are still around to thank them.

And prolly many other reasosn for it and prolly others will mention them below.

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It would be useful for events that occured while I was AFK. I think it could be handy for roughly estimating rates like xp/hr or mats/hr.

It is an OOG channel - the addition of timestamps hopefully wouldn't disrupt anyone's game experience.

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Timestamps for Chat channels are already in game and it's optional. What i had in mind was to add one more check box for making it also optional.

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is very handy indeed if you're afk for a while

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no brainer
(make it optional like the other timestamps, can't say no to optional stuff)


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as long as its optional


It's bad luck to be superstitious . . .

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good idea, +1

would be nice to be able to see what happened when. expecially for someone like me who cant keep track of things as they happen

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+1 optional.
and also for emotes. it is weird that emotes dont have timestamps when i activate them for "around" chat.

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All chat output now has a timestamp if the option is turned on
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