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since a few days i can't access the in game forum of my guild, it doesn't show in the list of forums, i have public forums, forums for my cult and civilisation, but not the one of my guild. I'm on server aniro, my guild are "the heroes of atys".


I have the same probleme and I'm in the same guild than Ganah.


I am on Arispotle, and in a different guild, and members of my guild are also unable to access their forums from within the game, though officers can just fine. The forums ARE set to 'member' but members simply cannot see them.


I'm on Leanon an I got the same problem after joining a new guild.
But the problem solve itself. The forum appears a few hours later.



In our case the problem also solved itself, though it took two days. Must just be a delay.. odd that there is no delay if the person is an officer, however.


Officers I think are moderators automatically (or maybe only HOs are), so different rules may apply to them getting access rights.
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