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Dont know if this is the correct place, but i have recently seen several monsters go under the ground, havent seen it before or heard anyone talk about it, but i do know other players dont see them above ground because I found underground christmas presents others couldnt see.

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Hi Garuth,

Thanks for your report. Should you find underground creatures or objects again, please stand as close as you can to the creature or object and send in an in-game support ticket.


Sywindt | Game Master | EN, NL, de, fr

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^ Hope it's not a kincher

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Could be related: some little things were off for me two days ago, like the Stables attendant was just in front of the building in Fairhaven, and the Stables in Dyron were in Halloween mode (big blazing pumpkin on top). I had noticed a message that flickered when I logged on ("You need to restart the client for changes to take effect") but didn't act on it. Everything was fine with all the Atysmas elements in their right place when I logged on the next day.

Critters burying themselves is surely the z-axis (well, elevation axis, if you will) is too low. I've seen it happen on occasion, and it's quite spectacular with Mounts, which flip vertically and scoot away buried from the chest down. Been a while since it happened though, it's usually a welcome comic relief episode for me.
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