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I'd like to write up a short biography, now that my character has moved from Silan to mainland. I know roughly the date I joined Ryzom IRL (in real life), but how do I relate that to the Atys/Ryzom date? (Perhaps even know the rough month is good enough for my chronicling attempt).

FYI, I joined Ryzom around 28-Nov-2011 and move to mainland a week back (say 11-Dec-2011). I'd like to know the Atys week/month for these.

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Try this: http://tools.reapersofthedark.com/?page=AtysTime&menu=tools

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And here's some reading: http://en.ryzomnomnom.com/wiki/Time

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Crailus - thanks for that tool. Exactly what I needed. :) I did read that Wiki page and was lazy to calculate myself. :P

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Try this: http://tools.reapersofthedark.com/?page=AtysTime&menu=tools
Isn't the Reaper's page based on Kervala's original script?

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in case anyone finds themselves here and wants some simple perl,php,python examples of atys time


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