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Deleted by Jaliun (7 years ago) | Reason: Event Cancelled

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The holiday season of Atysmas will quickly be upon us and the holiday festivities are being prepared. The tradition of the Great Atysmas Swap will again be held for all who enjoy the gift of giving and receiving.

How does the swap work? Those who would like to participate should send an in-game mail to Jaliun by Saturday, 17 December 24:00 GMT with G.A.S. in the subject line. The event team will draw lots to determine to whom you will give a present. On Sunday, 18 December you will receive an in-game mail in which you will learn the name of the homin who will receive your gift. But ssshhh, don't tell anyone who it is!

An event will be held in which the gifts are presented. In order to make it a more enchanting evening, we invite all homins to tell a little Atysmas tale, a mysterious legend, a funny poem, a chilling fairy tale or a romantic story.

We are looking forward to your participation and to this exciting evening of mystery gifting with all of Atys.

Holiday greetings!

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I would do this again as its a great idea! Just wish the guy I put all the effort in for got his gift, and here it is a year later!


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please recicle my unused gift:P


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The Atysmas season is upon us and the events have been planned! The Fairhaven Faire will start off this year's Atysmas celebrations on 17 December at 19:00 GMT followed by the Mr. Atys competition. Various activities will be announced/broadcast throughout the week. Many events will take place or start at the Atysmas Village, which will be coming to Dyron this year.

Scheduled Activities:

17 Dec: 19:00 GMT - Fairhaven Faire & Mr. Atys Contest
17 Dec: Atysmas Village
18 Dec: Elfquest Part 1
24 Dec: 20:00 Elfquest Part 2
24 - 31 Dec: Tree Decoration
27 Dec: 20:00 & 28 02:00 Elfquest Part 3
30 Dec: 20:00 GMT - Atysmas Party and Great Atysmas Swap 1
31 Dec: 02:00 GMT - Atysmas Party and Great Atysmas Swap 2
31 Dec: 20:00 GMT - Elfquest Part 4

Merry Atysmas!
Arispotle Events Team

* Great Atysmas Swap participants can attend either schedule party

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Our misfortune is your gain! Due to circumstances beyond our control, the planned schedule of events for the Atysmas celebrations has been extended through Dec 30. Watch for updates to the Scheduled Activities and in the Atysmas channel.


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What happens if you cannot make either time? Do you miss out on your gift? Does the person you are gifting to miss theirs? I work during both events, so I am rather invested in the answer.


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If you cannot make it at the time of the swap, the Atysmas Helper will deliver your gift to you. All collected gifts will be delivered or returned.

The Atysmas Helper will begin collecting on 23 Dec and stop collection on 29 Dec.


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Thank you Jailun for the quick answer. I will look for that NPC Friday evening when I get home to collect my gift. I assume s/he will be in one of the capitals.


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The Atysmas Helper has begun a probe into the ambush of the Atysmas Elves early this Atysmas season. The helper makes his request to any homin that wishes to assist in saving Atysmas to meet him at 19h - Quinteth, Nivia 5, 4th AC 2601* at the Atysmas Village.

* Saturday, 24 December 2011 20:00:00 UTC (7 years ago)

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Dear Homins,

Atysmas Decorators Unltd has worked diligently in the past to ensure Atysmas Decorations reach you in the cities and towns all over Atys. Fortunately, Atysmas Decorators Unltd has secured enough trees for each homin to have their own; unfortunately, decorations are in short supply!

A beautiful, fully decorated tree will be given to every Homin that manages to collect all of the necessary materials to decorate a tree. There are only enough supplies for one tree per homin which can be placed at the location of their choice.

To see what materials are needed, please visit the female Atysmas Helper at the Atysmas Village near Dyron.

Yours Truly,
Zelonix Titheus
Atysmas Decorators Unltd
Head of Atysmas Decorator Affairs

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When can we start handing in the items needed for decoration?

Collected everything but Atysmas Helper speech still gives me list of which to collect..

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Yes, the rumors are true! Atysmas lies at the brink of ruin as Stinch has returned this year to thwart the seasonal celebration. The Atysmas Helper begs all homins to help in locating Stinch's hideout. Any willing homin who wishes to assist should meet the Atysmas Helper at the Atysmas Village in Dyron on 19h - Quinteth, Germinally 5, 1st AC 2602*. It is up to you to help save Atymas!

* Tuesday, 27 December 2011 20:00:00 UTC (7 years ago) and Wednesday, 28 December 2011 02:00:00 UTC (7 years ago)

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So Elfquest part 2 starts and we need to collect materials to make christmas tree.......

So far so good, except that we are talking about 248 bulk of mats and this is a big constraint on packers, players inventory....
Atysmas Helper been saying for 4 days: trees will be delivered soon, go collect mats...

4 days without mount bulk capacity taken by christmas decorations..

Now Elfquest part 3 is announced... Can we finish part 2 first ? :)

Or at least have an update on those trees..


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Now Elfquest part 3 is announced... Can we finish part 2 first ? :)

Or at least have an update on those trees..

Elfquest Part 2 is completed. The tree decorating is a separate event and does not fall into the Elfquest story line.

As soon as the trees have arrived it will be updated in the Atysmas channel.


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