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The length limit on messages is currently extremely low (around 1KB I think). This makes it quite inconvenient when you want to write a (even small) text, you have to spend lots of time splitting the text, and it makes it less nice to read.

Could it be possible to increase it ? I'd say at least 4-8 KB.


The limit is only applicated in game. If you use the forum with your internet navigator, you are able to post messages as long as you want.

The URL is : http://atys.ryzom.com/start/index.php

This can be a temporary solution.



Anarkia - Event Manager - CG artist for Ryzom Forge


The problem is the same with the "bloc notes" (I don't know the English word, sorry). It's too short.


It changed recently I found. I was able to make much larger before. And It's very limiting.
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