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The Karavan Research Division needs homin assistants to aid in collecting data at the Kitins' Lair in Almati Wood. There is a need for guards, larvesters, harvesters, careplanners, and data collectors. Apply at the Karavan Researcher's camp outside the Ranger Camp in Almati Wood on Dua, Harvestor 2, 2nd AC 2556(JY) at 17h* with qualifications and proper gear.

* Суббота, 18 Июня 2011 20:00:00 UTC (7 лет назад)

#2 [en] 

Was there a reward for participation?

#3 [en] 

might/would likely have been there had it been organised at a more reasonable hour for Europeans...

#4 [en] 

Reward was a Karavan Pick , looks cool :)

and a lot of DP

Was a fun tour of the Lair :)

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#5 [en] 

You risk your lives for these slave drivers and they reward you by giving you a symbol of oppression. I suppose that's all right, as long as it looks cool.

#6 [en] 

Some screenshots of the event:


#7 [en] 

Looks like it was fun.
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