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Ambassador Eolinius to Governor Ailan Mac'Kean

Lordoy Nair-Governor Ailan

Please find here the report of the Rangers meeting which I attended as a representative of the Federation.

As you have probably learned, Y is slightly unwell at the moment and Y often stays at my house. To clear my mind and get some fresh air, I went to the Rangers meeting on the subject of the restructuring of the N'ASA organized at Almati Wood. The subject was interesting and could be the subject of a later note for the Federation archives, although the rangers are bogged down in administrative procedures as we know so well to do.

The most important fact to report is that at the end of the meeting a certain Tepsen Be'Laroy, a scientist by profession and member of The FISHES society, suddenly appeared. I guess that name means something to you. If Y is not mistaken, he is still wanted by the Federation as a witness in the case of the death of Orphie Dradius. You remember, Tepsen's amber cube found in the Kitins' Lair, Orphie Dradius' insistent questions about Tepsen before his unexpected descent, his death, the black stinger, all that... Well, the Rangers, nothing. It’s just if they hadn’t forgotten the very name of their former guide.

Y attach below the references of previous reports on this matter:


I tried to question and bring Tepsen to you, Eny I was stopped by a laughing crowd who didn't understand the situation. The rangers were as amorphous as a group of anemic Zorais on a meditative drip, that’s telling you.

Some even ask me if they don't have whole boxes of Antekamis chaï delivered directly to their homes, and not the small doses!

Y now understand better the young Ulyron who wanted to go down and have fun in the middle of the Kitins' Lair in an underground party. Ah, they must be having a good laugh the Kitins down there!

You can already see the scene *Eolinius imitating Ana Ryon with a falsetto voice*

- Ana Ryon “Look! my pink Kizoar is bigger than yours! »

- Melga Folgore “Yes, ... but no! My kipee at least spits purple bubbles! »

- Barmie Dingle “Wow! I made larvae and mushroom soup, who wants some? »

Pathetic …

When will Chiang the Strong give drunk Tryker lessons ?

Trust the Rangers and your Yubos will be well guarded.

You see Nair-Governor, I now have a serious doubt...



ambassador of the Federation

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