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#1 Mehrsprachig 

Dear all,

i want to open a petition for some Jewel Bosses - Cukan and Cukoo.

Because of the new rotation pop of bosses, the jewel bosses are deleted. I understand that because of the different jewel stage that u have to create all time with pop up and i think nobody needs Gibbakya anymore ;) But Cukan (190 Jewels with 150 HP) and Cukoo (140 Jewels with 70HP + 40 Sap) are very interesting and need to be back. The jewels can be the same at all pop up, where ever it is.

When u are agree that Cukan and Cukoo is coming back than pls sign with + .
Otherwise with -


( this is only for Cukan + Cukoo, not for Gibbakya, Fraketh, Gibbakin )

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In Vino Veritas

#2 [fr] 

Ein großes +1

Ich habe vor einiger Zeit eine Sammlung aller Königs-/Namens-/Schlangen-Sets aller Nationen begonnen. Und ich habe noch nicht alle Schmuckstücke zusammen. Also, aus Liebe zu den Sammlern, geben Sie uns unsere Schmuckstücke zurück!


fyros pure sève
akash i orak, talen i rechten!

#3 [en] 

Cukoo-Juwelen waren gut, es ist schlecht, wenn Cukoo nicht mehr ist, es wäre gut, sie und Cukoo zurückzugeben.

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#4 [fr] 

Die Boss-Schmuckstücke kommen wieder, sie werden von Fall zu Fall behandelt :)

#5 [en] 

Is the island monster only dropping Doren's jewels right now?
Maybe to load that jewelry into it?
For example, Cukoo, but starting from the level where the island monster starts dropping q150 pyramids (or nextest * island monster after that one).
And to put thas island monster into a cave with roots, muddy puddles, rusty junk, and glowing mushrooms so that the aesthetics of the roots are spot on.

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