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Liberty Lake is really two lakes. An upper and a lower, joined mostly by impassable waterfalls with very few ramps in between them. It makes travel needlessly slow and frustrating, going far out of your way, compounded by the fact that you must also swim.

I would like to see several more ramps, tunnels, portals, staircases, bridges, New Horizon destinations, or similar, added to liberty lake region. Particularly to make travel between the upper and lower lakes less roundabout. But also to give Fairhaven a few more access points, (windy head, hartly point) and to give access to those islands in the lake which currently cannot be accessed at all because of a tiny 1 foot ledge around them.

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+ je dirais la meme chose pour le couloir brulée !


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Yes, I agree 100%

(That's the reason why I don't like Tryker lands so much like Fyros one ...)

You don't have to go so far from FH to understand:

e.g. Kami mission with Kipee meat level 40 up.
You have to go very far to the east to reach Kipee 52 ...

An there are isles within Tryker lands you can only enter by one ore no(ne) way :-(
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