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Yrkanis, on Harvestor 22, 2618-4, to Karan Stevano

Your Majesty,

As part of the mission Your Majesty gave me nearly thirty-two Jena year, last season I attended the Taliari assembly convened by Ailan Mc'Kean, as usual, at Frogmore Place in the lake city of Fairhaven.

However, and your Majesty will not be surprised, the echoes of the imminent wedding of the Crown Karin, as well as those of the "competition" between the Seraei claiming his hand, have reached all the citizens of the Lakes. This is why the aforementioned assembly closed with a request from the Governor, which she asked me to transmit to you without delay. To wit: Would Your Majesty object to the Federation of Naw Trykoth giving His Highness the Karin and his future wife a wedding gift as a sign of friendship between our two peoples?

As, whatever the answer may be, it is in no way obliged to pass through Your servant, I shall be obliged to Your Majesty to kindly send me a copy of it, if necessary with instructions not to make public mention of it.
Nilstilar Thorec
Your Majesty's Ambassador to the Federation of Naw Trykoth


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Karan Stevano had quickly read through the missive from ambassador Nilstilar.
Unquestionably, he felt flattered that the Governor "asked for permission" even if a vague and indefinable misgiving remained. What kind of madness were these insufferable Trykers going to commit?
Without his expression changing, he turned to his secretary.
"Reply to the ambassador that gifts are of course allowed, but let him know that he must manage to explain to the Governor that a barrel of their infamous drink is not an appropriate gift."
The secretary bowed and, a little paler than when he entered, left to write the answer.

You will be allowed to offer gifts to the princely couple at the end of the ceremony, during the ensuing ball.

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Yrkanis, on Mystia 26, 2618-4, ad Nair Gouvernor Ailan Mac'Kean

Your Excellency,

In the last Taliari assembly, your Excellency publicly declared her intention to send the Crown Karin, on the occasion of his forthcoming nuptials, a present to show the friendship that the people of the Lakes have for the people of the Forest. However, you then expressed, still in public, a concern that did not fail to surprise me in that it showed in contrast a regrettable residual mistrust of the Federation towards the Kingdom: would the Karan not refuse such a wedding gift with disdain?

Your Excellency will be pleased to learn that her concern was unfounded: solicited by me, at your request, His Majesty Stevano has just assured me that the Federation's present to the princely couple will be gratefully received by the entire Matis people and will be displayed in the Great Greenhouse of Yrkanis until its place in the Royal Palace is made available. In addition, as recently posted throughout Atys, all friends and allies of the Kingdom are invited to attend the wedding ceremony and to participate in the festivities that will follow.

That is why I join His Majesty in inviting you to come and present the gift to the newlyweds, in person, at the close of the ceremony in the Temple of Jena.

Seelagan, then, your Excellency!
Nilstilar Thorec
Ambassador b'Yem Lornair'Karan be Fédération be Naw Trykoth

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