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Dear Barmie,

recently there have been many tides going on, and tensions like between the Zorai and the Antikami are rising again with the possible attempted abduction of the sage Sap as just the latest example. To me I have the feeling that there is great resentment and that more arbitration might be needed in the time to come – a task we as Rangers should be well-suited to.
However, understanding the arguments and the world view of both sides will help a great deal in order be able to act as reasonable negotiators. It needs dedication and immersion and exposure to these believes as to understand the backgrounds well. Being raised as a Kami, I got good insight in what it means to be a Kami, what is a Kami’s view and what is dear to them. Yet I became a ranger with my full heart, and that is what I’m meant to be – and always will be in my heart. However I’m still missing the same insight I got into the Kami philosophy for the Karavan view. As such, in order to get an insight into the Karavan view, I decided to join them (at least by appearance), as to study what it means to be a Karavan, what is their deepest desire and what a Karavan holds dear. I do so not in order to forsake being Ranger (even when it does look like). I also do this with considerable personal cost as I am aware that many of the tribes and homins will loose trust in me which I built for years. But I do so in order to broaden my understanding – and in order to be able to offer more insight and help to the Rangers and to the hominkind at large.

May sound obnoxous? Maybe. Yet I hope you will not condemn me, but be able to trust my words. Does it sound like a cheap excuse? I assure you, it is not. Actually, I even hope you will take it as my means to help the Rangers. Please send me any Izam, if I can be of any help in this regard in any negotiations. I will be back to also an outward appearance as a Ranger, I do promise, I do swear as the turquoise seed I am.

Yours truely,


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Dear Elke,
The Powers were for me a somewhat abstract notion but I approached this reality a little better during my recent first death and resurrection. This feeling of agony, of powerlessness. Then this black hole and the return of the light, weak, without any energy but alive and grateful to these powers that watch over us.
This gift is so incredible that I better understand the importance of respecting the Powers That Be.
And I can only encourage you in your efforts to understand the Karavan better.
But never forget that you owe it to hominity as a whole and that the fight against the Kitin threat must always prevail!
Good luck Elke!
Barmie Dingle
Ranger Guide
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