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Sweeties for the Gibbaïs

Mabreka Cho looked at Haido Xuan, letting her reason her way.
"How do we know that killing the Gibbais won't be bad for the Majestic Salinas? These trees are so beautiful! I don't know what to do Ma-Kwai."
"Do your fellow scientists have any ideas?"
"Krikitheus wants to kill all the gibbais! She only thinks in terms of wounds and bumps! Just look at the way she reacted when..."
Haido stopped suddenly.
"But yes! When we came back from our expedition, some homins suggested we go talk to the Gibads! How could I forget?"
"That's a very good idea, Haido. Perhaps you could invite the homins to accompany you on your way. They can be a good source of advice."
Meet me at the Kami Altar in Maiden Grove on 8h - Prima, Winderly 19, 4th AC 2613(*).
We will speak to the Gibads to find a way to harvest the Majectic Salinas sap without killing the Gibbais, that are rushing around them.

Haido Xuan,
Dynastic Gardener

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#2 Многоязычный 

Многоязычный | English | Français | Deutsch | Español

After extensive monitoring of the maturation of the salins, the scientists all agree that they are ready to be harvested.
Meet Haido Xuan at the Nexus Kamist Observation Camp on 8h - Prima, Folially 19, 4th AC 2613(*). She will take you to the harvesting site to observe the results of your research.
You will be able to fill your bags with salins before the end of the summer.

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