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Announcement widely spread throughout the Kingdom
Matis Nobles, Vassals,

march under the Banner of the Kingdom and Jena and bring back the equipment stolen from the Border Guards by the infamous First Deserters!
My youngest son, Manalitch, will make his debut as the future commander of his brother's armies by your side.
You will find him at the Border Guards' camp on 22h - Quinteth, Fallenor 23, 2nd AC 2613(*).

Jena Aiye, Matis Aiye!

Karan of the Verdant Heights

Salazar looked haggard, and his brow was wrinkled. He stared at the notice like a Yubo stared at a Ragus, but less scared than rather worried. Our Karan should really get someone with a more poetic mind, more determination, and not least a lot more empathy to write these, he thought. This was written by a soldier who as well could be a mercinary, not by someone who had his heart's blood for ink. Yet there's so much more to this, and this fails to point it out. It does not speak to us, really. If it does not speak to the Matis, how can it speak to the rest of Atys, which is not less concerned on the whole? How can they see, how can they understand from these few lacklustre, lifeless lines?

He put the notice at the table and rubbed his temples. Lylanea did remind him of something he had forgotten - something which actually took place a long time ago, after the First Swarming. Melkiar had send the Cutthroats to the New Lands to take over control. One of the tribes they bonded with early on were the First Deserters - the same camp now in focus again - and then the Marauders had invaded all of Atys, all four countries, with impressive force. Back then, there were far more homins, while after the Second Swarming, less homins had returned to the New Lands. So if the Marauders now would attack the countries one by one, each nation fighting just on its own, they could well take over everything. And yet this notice could hardly arouse a fire in the Matis people.

This isn't a private entertainment, Salazar though. This could be far more dangerous, and a greater concern. This is something which affects us all - the Matis, the Trykers, the Zorai, the Fyros. If one of us falls, like in a domino game the others will follow.

The Matis took up his well-worn robes with a sigh, looking at the places were its fabrics were getting thin. Well, it would have to do. This wasn't about insult. There probably was freedom to defend.


Salazar Caradini
Filira Matia
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