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[Tryker] First test for Bai Trykali (2021/03/21)

Two Tryker guards who had just finished their guard tour were walking briskly toward Ba'Naer's bar.

"Have you noticed how much quieter it is here since Ailan made Bai Trykali official?" the younger one asked.
"Hey, first of all, you're supposed to call her the Governor, you didn't breed the Messabs with her!" retorted the other one, already of an advanced age.
"Pffff! But still, having a federal defensive army to help us against these brutes of Marauders, I'm OK, don't you?
- Oy (*) for sure! It's not tomorrow that we'll be bothered, we'll have some good life!"

The old guard sat at the bar next to his fellow and friend, hiding his concern from him... Word was spreading that Bai Trykali had secured the Darkenwell area by killing a group of Marauders there, and he guessed that this would not be without a reaction from them...(**)

(*)Oy means "yes" in Tyll, the tryker language.
(**)The Marauders will attack Fairhaven in response to Bai Trykali's attack on the Marauders stationed at Darkenwell. Members of Bai Trykali, the Federal Defensive Army will be called upon to defend the capital on , 21 Марта 2021 21:00:00 UTC (10 месяцев назад).
Warning! This is an OOC information, characters can be around, "by chance", but they can't know about the assault until it begins.

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