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It was becoming difficult to move around in the Nexus scientists' Kami camp crowded with crates and jars full of raw materials and necklaces.
Daeronn Cegrips stared at his interlocutor, whose impatience was palpable.
"Yes, I know! The crates are full! But everything is organized!"
Freccio Tinagno made one of those disapproving pouting so typically matis, but added nothing.
"A first convoy will leave for the Desert. I came to an agreement with the Nations' leaders to have some warriors protect it from the fauna. Everything will go well. Arrived in the Desert, we will make a first distribution of these raw materials. Now that we have studied them, we can give them to homins."
- And you think the warriors will come for free? But you are dreaming, Ser Cegrips!
- But no, once the convoy arrives at its destination, O'Keerrell Rinie will first distribute raw materials to these intrepid homins."
Daeronn Cegrips smiled broadly: "Don't pout any more and come and help me prepare these materials! The packers of Rinie must be ready. The warriors will join her at the Western Portal on 6h - Quarta, Medis 28, 1st AC 2612 (*). Let's not dawdle!"

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