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Haido Xuan, the Dynastic Gardener, was in a hurry not to be late for her appointment with Mabreka. Her mission in Nexus was going pretty well. Since the barkquake, she had seen the region change and the emergence there of plants from other areas was intriguing to her. She had been busy, but the last meeting of the scientists had given her the creeps. She had to tell the Great Mask about it as soon as possible and ask for his advice.

– Kami'ata Revered Mabreka!
– Kami'ata Haido! You seem fidgety a lot! What's troubling your serenity?
– Season! exclaimed the gardener.
Mabreka looked at her, troubled in turn.
Haido Xuan made an effort to overcome her emotion and began to explain:
– We have regular meetings between scientists from the four nations in the Nexus. During the last one, Meeny O'Lan and Arry Sanin were talking about the recordings they are conducting in the region. According to them, it is possible that new tremors may occur, especially in the northern Nexus, which until now has been pretty well preserved.
That is when the stele of Sage Season suddenly came back to my mind and, upset by this thought, I didn't follow too much what our two collaborators from the FISHES Society were saying.
Mabreka stared at the gardenerer for a moment and then seemed to concentrate before speaking again.
– Do you think they would agree to come and tell us about the situation?
– I'm sure they would, Great Mask: they love to talk about their recordings! The only worry will be to stop them when they are launched on the topic.
– Thank you, Haido! And be serene: Ma-Duk will show us the way!

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Мабрека смотрел на батао.
Несмотря на прошедшие годы он не мог этого делать, не думая о своём друге Сезоне (Season). Они были перед его глазами ка наяву, беседовшие Ками и Сезон. Он слышал голос своего друга, чистый в своей юности, спрашивающий: "Какими знаниями я должен овладеть, чтобы приблизиться к Ма-Дуку (Ma-Duk)?", и ответ Ками:"Батао сбрасывает свои цветы. Завтра Атис окутает зима."
Сезону потребовался целый год медитации, четыре атисианских цикла, чтобы полностью оценить глубину тех нескольких слов, но Мабрека не сомневался в том, что он смог сделать эти сезоны Атиса частью самого себя.
Так почему же эта угроза нависла сейчас? Действительно ли это угроза?
Не был ли это Великий Творец, посылающий знак своим ученикам?

Ему всё ещё предстояло медитировать и выслушать двух учёных. Посвящённые и Пробуждённые моглибы помочь ему в понимании этого.
Объявление на стенах зорайских городов

Пробуждённые, Посвящённые, Друзья Теократии, Амбассадоры, я приглашаю вас на чрезвычайную Круговую Ассамблею в 4h - Tria, Frutor 21, 4th AC 2609*, посвящённую событиям, произошедшим на Нексусе.
Двое учёных из общества ИВАСИ прибудут расскзать нам об этих событиях и их возможных последствиях.
Операция на Нексусе крайне вероятна - возьмите с собой подходящее снаряжение.

Ма Квай

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Chipset and small team of the Cercle of Almati wood have foud a place, west of hammer hills that may fit what we were seeking for:

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The day rises on the ramp that slopes down from the Nexus to the vortex of the Abyss of Ichor. Autumn is there and life is beginning to gently fade away.
Be-Pian Biani looks at the Great Sage, Mabreka.
— We are ready, Ma'Kwai. The Recyclers have worked diligently. We have a cradle to carry the stele. And my warriors will ensure the tranquillity of the convoy.
— Have you planned what is needed for the stele of the Initiate Busang, too?
— Yui, Ma'Kwai, although I don't understand why this one also has to be moved.
The discontent of the Head of the Company of the Eternal Tree shows through in spite of her reverence and her mask.
— It is good that those two paths meet, as a reminder that we are all homins. The gone astray Initiate and the Sage in symbiosis with Atys. Their paths cross and mingle.
The silence lasts a few seconds but Be-Pian Biani finally approves with a nod.
— It is time.
Mabreka begins to move away towards Hammer Hills, followed by his bodyguards. The whole convoy sets off in his wake.
Awakened, Initiates, friends of the Theocracy,

The stele of the Sage Season joined the Hill of the Four Seasons, together with that of the Initiate Busang.
May meditation in this blessed place of the Kamis help you in your spiritual journey!

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