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In K (keyboard shortcuts), it is indicated that by default,

  • SHIFT+E opens the encyclopedia,
  • J opens/hide Mission (nice in French, bad in English) -> change it to MAJ+M ?

However, this morning I noticed that SHIFT+E opens the window (it doesn't have any name LOL) where you can see:

  • by default, Storyline (then when clicking on the left part:)
  • Accomplishments
  • Daily missions
  • Puzzle
  • Encyclopedia

We can open this windows, using in the Mission window (J) the link on OPEN MISSION BOOKLET.


So I propose to harmonize the interface, by naming this window with the same name as the link in J (and rename it in K in the same way): MISSION BOOK (or another name - please suggest one).


What do you think about it?

It could be:

  • Rename (in K) the MISSION (J) window for Mission Log or just Journal ? (but I think Journal sounds more like logs, specially in English)
  • Name the open window via the link in J (and/or SHIFT+E - and K remains unchanged) Encyclopedia and rename the former Encyclopedia to "Rites" (without keyboard shortcuts)? - personal, my favourite solution ...
  • Leave SHIFT+E for Encyclopedia, find a name for this new window and add a shortcut in K? (more work for devs)
  • ?

Note: For the wikis, I document in FR and EN, and some translation differences make me feel a bit confused...

  • renamed to Great Library? (too long)  ALL BOOKLETS ?
  • the sceen displayed when pressing F1 :(

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Shift+E was the appropriate command before Storyline and mission booklet were introduced.

+1 for adjusting :)



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