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Players are often puzzled as to whether a mission is truly broken or if circumstances (seasons, not fully killed spawn, whatever) are just preventing me from doing so. I'll try and keep this post updated with post number, description and status. Users can report their experiences and possible ease the burden on support staff if we can cut down on the number of mission submitted if answers can be found here. Format I'll suggest is:

Post No. - Region Mission Giver - Allegiance - Problem - Result


002 - Haven of Purity - Belchi Beerdowner - Delta House - Kill 1 Lumper of level 195 or higher in Haven of Puritys ? Does not exist, only in Void.

Post - 002   C011V007_40890, "Fight in the Zorai lands", no particular mission giver, allegiance Zorai I guess.

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C011V007_40890, "Fight in the Zorai lands", no particular mission giver, allegiance Zorai I guess.

Except.. the only normal gibbais go up to level 179. I don't expect I would have to kill Jinbai for this, perhaps repeatedly until I get a drop?

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Mission Givers can be found in multiple ways ... doesn't always work:

a)  Right Click on Compass
b)  Look for little blue flags on map
c)  Sometimes indicated in DM window

On previous ticket submissions, been told the named / superherbies exist and you could kill it (potions, eggs, etc) , but after discussion, it was moved "up the chain" so to speak.  No word on final decision.


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Repported this one when chasing "Spirit of Sally Field" title ... now back maxing last tribe fame ... asks to target 4 mobs; I never saw an Arma in AiI.  Not a Daily Mission so don't have the Mission Number

Abyss of Ichor / Sap Gleaners / Rossisi Pepi / Target Arma, Bodoc, Gubani, Yelk.


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Got this one again 2day ... no Arma in AoI


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Hello here
Got a problem on C011V002_11722
Hidden source, collect kitin pieces for Apoan Boethus.
As I need >180 kirosta flesh - killing 10 of those didn't get me a single one.

Second time I get this mission, and second time I get the same result. Kirosta >180 are here, but there is maybe something which doesn't make the loot possible.


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It may just be bad luck, but I have found that on loot missions since DMS that I have to kill at least 5 before any drops occur.


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Not so much a broken mission as an inconsistent description. The mission description asks for Fyros equipment, but the tasks are for Tryker equipment. One shown in the screenshot here, but applies to 3rd and 4th crafting missions for Ba'Neppy Keffan. (sorry I don't have the mission IDs)

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