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Scorched Corridor / Flaming Forest

I am often puzzled as to whether a mission is truly broken or if circumstances (seasons, not fully killed spawn, whatever) are just preventing me from doing so. I'll try and keep this post updated with post number, description and status. Users can report their experiences and possible ease the burden on support staff if we can cut down on the number of mission submitted if answers can be found here. Format I'll suggest is:

Post No. - Mission Giver - Allegiance - Problem - Result

002 - Unknown - Fyros Nation - Loot 3 Zerx Hair 227 or higher in Scorched Corridor - Not found; To be confirmed.

Had this one twice since.

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The Fyros want to build up their stock or fur.  Loot 3 Tufts Magnificent Desert Zerx Hair of at least 227 from a corpse.

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Does anyone know which mission it was?

However Magnificient supposed to be from Supreme class animal and there is only lvl 170 Zerx Boss, isn't it?

There is a mission ID in mission tooltip:

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Magnificient is just q200+ mat, must be looted from regular mobs. At least in other regions and other missions it is so.
For q227+ Zerx - it's Great Zerx (q230). BMSite say that there is Great Zerxes in SCo, but...
I was trying to do this mission half of year ago. Was slacking around SCo almost week or so, never found it.
Tho some ppl say that there are some Great Zerxes there somewhere...
Looks like urban legend.

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Thanks for the tip  on the tool tip.

1.  The mission I posted wants you to loot a Great Zerx.  I have had this mission (3) times now ands I have never found them in Scorched Corridor / Flaming Forest.

2  Magnificient should be "Magnificent" if spelled correctly... but Yes, you use prospecting for Supreme materials to pop Magnificent dig mats.   As for the looted mats, I never paid attention to the grade just the number.  I don't see it really being bosses and named.

3.  I kinda remeber gring on GZ's in FF at some pount like 12 years ago ...


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Location: Scorched Corrider
Mission No.: C011V001_3066
NPC Involved:  Thenix Tindix
Loot (1) Magn. Xerx Hair QL 227 (Great Zerx)
Problem:  No Great Zerx in SC, No reticule created

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Location: Scorched Corridor
Mission No.: C011V002_3270
NPC Involved: a mysterious stranger who calls himself "I"
Loot (3) Magn. Desert Zerx Hair q227+
Problem: No Great Zerxes in SC, No reticule created

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Location: Scorched Corridor
Mission No.: C011V001_3231
NPC Involved: Ki Bai-Fuang
Loot (1) Magn. Desert Zerx Hair q227+
Problem: No Great Zerxes in SC, No reticule created

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Looks like you provided the mission number(s) for post 2


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Can anyone explain why with Skill at 250, 200 Stanza every craft is a fail ar 188 ?   I have 10 in my bag.

Speed Factor is 100%
Bulk = 230
Weight = 94.26


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Perhaps you were wearing a piece of a medium armor.


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Wuz Nekid


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