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Missions quotidiennes

Principe de base

Chaque jour, vous avez la possibilité de réaliser sept missions dans l'ordre de votre choix, sélectionnées aléatoirement parmi toutes les missions classiques "Tâche" et/ou les missions "don de produit des métiers".Une option de filtrage vous permet de restreindre les missions sélectionnables en fonction des renommées que vous ne souhaitez pas faire baisser ou monter.Vous avez également la possibilité de ne faire que certains types de missions, mais cela pourrait avoir un impact sur votre gain final.Vous pouvez abandonner à tout moment une mission si vous ne souhaitez pas la faire ou bien la faire plus tard. Cependant, celle-ci n'est pas remplacée par une autre et restera dans la liste des missions proposées pour ce jour.Pour le moment, les missions en Primes Racines ne sont pas proposées (qui a dit "ouf !"?)

Les options de filtrage

Quatre options de filtrage sont proposées : 

Filtrage de la zone dans laquelle effectuer chaque type de mission :

  • Sélectionnez ici le niveau de la zone (50 --> 250) dans laquelle vous souhaitez effectuer chaque type de mission (artisanat, forage, combat, exploration). Si vous choisissez l'option "Aucune", alors aucune mission de ce type ne vous sera proposée.
  • À noter que ne sélectionner qu'un seul type de mission réduira la récompense.

Filtrage des renommées qui ne doivent pas diminuer :

  • Filtrez ici pour retirer de la liste les missions qui vous feraient perdre contre votre gré certaines renommées.
  • Ainsi, un Ranger devrait cocher toutes les cases de la ligne "Renommées que vous ne voulez pas diminuer".

Filtrage des renommées qui ne doivent pas augmenter :

  • Filtrez ici pour retirer de la liste les missions qui vous feraient gagner contre votre gré certaines renommées.
  • Ainsi, un Maraudeur devrait cocher toutes les cases de la ligne "Renommées que vous ne voulez pas augmenter".

Filtrage des métiers :

  • Filtrez ici quels métiers peuvent vous être proposés. Même si vous les choisissez tous, seul un maximum dequatre missions de métier vous sera proposé aléatoirement. A partir de 5 métiers choisis, plus vous en choisirez, plus la récompense augmentera.
  • À noter que les missions de métier ne requièrent pas que vous ayez le métier actif mais uniquement des produits de métier à donner, y compris ceux obtenus par échange ou achat.

Les récompenses

   Pour chaque mission terminée, vous pourrez choisir parmi trois récompenses possibles :
  • Des dappers
  • Des Implications 
  • Des jetons de choix pour la roue. 
Vous pouvez choisir, si vous le désirez, une récompense différente à chaque mission terminée.Plus vous terminerez de missions journalières, plus le taux de récompense augmentera.

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Hello, just curious- will the coding automatically exclude missions that are on long cool downs? For example my favorite Cuzans mission has a cooldown of 4d18h, if it popped up as a daily and I had already completed it that week, I likely would not be able to participate.

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Was bedeutet konkret der Belohnungstyp "Mitwirkung"?

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Neues Rollenspiel-Belohnungssystem

Ein neues Rollenspiel-Belohnungssystem ergänzt die HRP-Belohnungen des Glücksrads. In diesem Patch schlagen wir eine erste Version vor, die im Laufe der Zeit verbessert wird.Version 1: Nimm am dynamischen Ereignis "Kitin Invasion" teil, um etwas Implikation zu gewinnen (angezeigt im Fenster für erweiterte Statistiken). Dann suche einen föderalen, imperialen, königlichen oder dynastischen Kaufmann oder deren Ranger- oder Marodeurs-Äquivalent auf. Diese/r wird vorschlagen, die erhaltene Implikation zu nutzen, um einige virtuelle Aufgaben zu erledigen und dafür mit Rohstoffen und Sapladungen (zumindest im Moment) entlohnt zu werden.In den nächsten Versionen kannst du Rollenspiel-Belohnungen gewinnen, die entweder allgemein erhältlich sind oder aber spezifisch auf Nation, Fraktion oder Organisation zugeschnitten.Die Zahl der Events, die es ermöglichen, diese Belohnungen zu erhalten, wird allmählich zunehmen: weiteredynamische Events, offizielle Rollenspiele.....Bitte beachte, dass die bei früheren Veranstaltungen erhaltenen Atys-Punkte in Implikation umgewandelt werden.

Original Post

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Geht es hier um die Quests bei den Aufpassern ?
Und wo befindet sich der Filter bitte ?

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Und wo befindet sich der Filter bitte ?

I think the change is not online yet, from what I know it is still in testing.

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Hello!The "In dev" tag was missing in the title. It's fixed now.The project should be released somewhen during summer.


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Missions Quotidiennes

Les Missions Quotidiennes seront introduites en jeu le 2 décembre !
Vous pourrez chaque jour vous charger de nouvelles missions qui vous vaudront d'intéressantes récompenses !
Tenez-vous prêts et amusez-vous bien !

Guide des Missions Quotidiennes : https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/29852/1

L'Équipe Ryzom 

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Hello, just curious- will the coding automatically exclude missions that are on long cool downs? For example my favorite Cuzans mission has a cooldown of 4d18h, if it popped up as a daily and I had already completed it that week, I likely would not be able to participate.

I doubt it, so your best bet is to not do missions until the dailies call for that mission. Funny how their attempt to make people do a wider range of missions is making folks who have enough fame and dappers not do missions at all though.

Oh, and if done wrong, changing occupations take two day, so unless they lift the "only three occupations" limitation or fix cooldowns, they may as well omit any reference to occupations in the dailies, especially that part about "Choosing all occupations considerably increases the reward."


Do not assume that you speak for all just because you are the loudest voice; there are many who disagree that simply have no desire to waste words on you.

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If we can trust the screen shown, we can conclude once more that marauders are not taken into account.

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I'm lost ....  when I meet with clients about getting hired to write a manual, they sometimes ask "What familiarity with our product / process does the person assigned to write our manual have ?"   The right answer is "absolutely zero".  How many manuals have you read where it says "To do [insert the thing here], go to the [insert the name] tool and .... the user reading that says in their heads ... "Great what / where is the [  ] tool ?"

We always pair someone who knows nothing to frame the questions ... and then have an expert on the topic prepare the answers.  Reading this I recognize that it's very clear in someone's head how this works ... but w/o that same familiarity ... I have no frame of reference.

1.  Which missions are we talking about specifically ... occupation practices, NH hand ins, faction, racial,  tribe ... all ??

2,   I never quite understood, given the current up / down ratio,  why we should ever care about fame going down ... the fame increase is 20+ times bigger than the derease so ....  I do 25 missions for a tribe that don't like the fyros and I raise tribe fame 60 points ... mean while my fryos fame drop is such that 1 mission restores it.  If I say I don't want my fyros fame to go down ... will I never be offered a mission that makes fyros fame drop by 0.01 ?

I just did +119 fame with one tribe, including thse by the faction ambassador for the tribe ... First Deserters apparently didn't like somebody as my fame with them dropped to 99.99

Just did 1 mission for Lagoon Brothers ... apparently they don't like the Cuzans.  My fame went up 3 points with the Lagoon Brothers ....m went down 0.00817 with Cuzans (367:1) ... 0.16200 with Tryker (18.5:1.0) .... and 0.0483 w/ the karavan (73.5:1.0) ... I'll tarde the + 1 for those teeny weeny numbers any day.   Perhaps we could choose a fame drop threshold ?

3.  Are the mission rewards going to still be extremely lopsided ?

Green - Right now if you have 0 - 50 fame ... bring this package to that guy 5 meters away and go to that OP 150m or 5 km away will each give you +3 fame.

Purple - These rewards are also very good

Red - Kill ... eh. I'll do these only if none of the above available.

Blue - Craft - a total waste of T & E ... fully understand that as you reach 100.... fame earned gets small ... however ...

I craft 32 bracelets (80 fame points in sysnfo) ... then do 80 Bowpistol ammo and 70 Launcher Ammo (50 fame in sysnfo) ... at 3 per craft and filling my bag like 10 times over.   My fame moves from 99.86 to 99.87.

Now I do a single "run to that OP over yonder" mission and I earn more than enough to get to 100 (2900 in sysinfo) .

4.  if we select all ... will you get one of each color / type ?   Or can one get stuck with 4 "not wirth the T & E" craft missions ?

5. What happens if you have maxed all fames .... all tribes, all races and faction ?  Any option to "I am already too famous ... paparazzi driving me nutz ... I don't want any more fame in any way, shape or form... but i will take the dapper, tokens and other goodies.

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can we still do regular occupation missions for the same amount of dappers/nation points? or is that all changing again. Also, will there still be the dynamic kitin events?

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Sometimes, when I read some of these forum posts, it reminds me that you need a diploma in bio-mechanics plus a Harvard degree in nano-construction just to understand them.

Whatever happened to just having fun playing a game?


Everone has an opinion, and of course are entitled to have one, but others are equally entitled to decide whether they choose to agree or disagree. Acting like a complete Muppet isn't likely going to change minds or win support :)

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That's why programming a TV remote or back in the day '"setting the clock on the VCR" became a standard part of a comedian's repertoire.   Ya know when those dummies book sstarted coming out.  I found it hysterical the the guy who started wring them  ... like "MS Word For Dummies" actually wrote them using another word processing program (Lotus Word Pro) because he found MS Word was counter-intuitive".   A "user manual" prepared by an expert  ... is great, if you're an expert.

It's like the ole Noah's Ark skit ....

Voice from Sky:  "Noah I want you to build an Ark "

Noah:  [i]"OK ... what's an ark ?"

Voice from Sky:  [i]"Get some wood, build it 300 cubits x 80 cubits by 40 cubits "

Noah:  "OK ... what's a cubit ?"

That's how every software / instruction manual I have ever read appears to me.

I'm sure feedback from the community would be helpful in making the process more understandable.    For example:

1. To set your "Daily Mission Preferences" click the Scroll Icon on the App Bar.

Can click then "Form to Change Preferences of Missions"

2. From that point pick your missions ... my preferences were delivery / travel and each day getting offered 7 missions ... so far from 1 - 3 missions in each above ground region.

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