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Should we change to faction based PVP?
Yes, change the deathmatch PVP to faction PVP!
Atys: Cotare, Heernis, Jellona, Kaetemi, Kaylerys, Lacuna, Luminatrix, Mermaidia, Revvy, Sinvaders, Sowen, Tomstato, Vorazun
No, it makes no sense.
Atys: Bazett, Bisugott, Eolinius, Jorgensen, Kurutani, Nightviper, Placio, Wirroy, Zendae
No, we are too few, there will be no PVP anymore!
Atys: Yuritau
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Other thoughts (Please write it down)
Atys: Gidget, Maiyr, Victoriacamper
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Atys: Vanixia
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@Heernis ... aha! Capture the Flag! Now ( i guess) i get your meaning ;)

https://ryzomcore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RC/pages/5013521/Crea ting+Spires

Thanks... added it to summery.


#120 [en] 


In PVP Areas it is called Guild-PVP. So it have nothing to do with Factional PVP. Plundering in that case would only work if and really if you turn on the factional PVP.

Permitted still by game mechanics, I imagine ... I don't know that anyone has tried ... but that's never been "descriptive" from an actual game play standpoint.

Was also a time when it was basically a pick up game at SN's. Teams were mixed guilds, mixed factions ... players came and attacked some folks not others regardless of faction. Was a time when only 2 people would be at SNs. When busy ... somebody would run up to a digger axe in hand, see who it was and turn away ... others would avoid anyone with a weapon and only attack those who would not engage.

I support any and all chnages / additions to pvP folks as long as it does not take anything away from those that choose not to participate


#121 [en] 

I support any and all chnages / additions to pvP folks as long as it does not take anything away from those that choose not to participate
Think the game should change its Pvp conception, and base new content addition on structured PvP instead of adding content in open-world PvP (Which is not appreciated / supported).
Removing it could be a solution too, and put all effort in the PvE gameplay.


#122 [de] 

I like the idea of removing open world pvp and adding to the arenas with goals and teamwork. Idea explained here. Rework the pvp point system so that more points are gained or the items you can buy are not soo expensive; especially for maras as the crystals are crazy expensive.


Do what you *NEED* to do for yourself. No need to force yourself to do something that isn't good for you. Ryzom is a game and should be played for fun. Real life first. ☻
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