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I seem to get a frozen picture which I cannot get rid of unless i relog. I have not been able to find a diffinitive answer as to what causes it, but I am trying. There is no way to exit having a picture of the wheel on my screen. So far, I was playing 5 tokens at a time, then after a while, it freezes. There is no little "x" to click to exit, and no coins to play. I posted a pic in rocketchat. I will try to post a pic here.
I use a MAC with OSX 10.11.6. and Ryzom 3.4.0

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This is a known bug since the beginning of the wheel. All Os could have it.
You can exit it by clicking once again on the wheel. It will open a new wheel.


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Hmm I will try that. I will keep you informed
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