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During the storytelling, we encountered a problem: the lack of available channels to display the translations.
We had the EN, FR, DE and ES versions of our stories but not the channels to display them because it is impossible to create more than two dynamic channels in addition to the faction and nation one.
As a result, the ES translation remained on the table, which is a pity, since the translators had done a lot of work for it.
And even better, the fifth channel exists but it is not accessible to players reserved for animation, which is very good, but in this case, the event-team member could not use it either.
So to enhance the work of translators and storytellers, would it be possible to add an additional channel or open the fifth channel to players?

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A request since a long time, also dynamic channels staying at reboot... +10


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I see, yes :(

A question : on chat.ryzom.com the limitation is the same ?

Waiting for a better resolution, you could use several free pad (1 per language for ex on https://framapad.org/), or chat.ryzom.com or even the wikis (https://fr.wiki.ryzom.com, https://en.wiki.ryzom.com ...) ?


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Ideas validated.

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