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I noticed that on the website the monthly subscription is 7,95 euros but on the steam payment it's 9,95 euro. Is this a typo on the website or is Steam charging me 2 euro extra?

Although my subscription got through, I see on my account page on Ryzom that it tried charging a resubscription of 7,95 but that that failed (twice).

I don't mind paying 9,95 but if I can avoid paying an extra 2 for Steam... :) Maybe clarify this a bit on the website on what the exact charges are?

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It is correct that the cheapest way to pay is directly via and your billing account. Also the cheapest payment option is by credit card (WorldPay), which is a recurring subscription. If you choose PayPal, this will charge an extra fee for the payment, but you will only be charged for a period and you have to renew the subscription manually. I am sorry if this is not communicated in a clear way and will pass on your thoughts on it.


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