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Which Travel Powers would you like to see in Ryzom?
Atys: Bisugott, Learrell
2 (1)
Super Speed 0
Supr Jump
Atys: Heernis, Learrell
2 (1)
Haste Swim
Atys: Revvy, Yurah
Intant Teleportion 0
Group Teleportion
Atys: Learrell, Northstar, Yurah
3 (1)
Atys: Bitttymacod, Nilstilar, Savisi
воздержаться 5

#16 [en] 

Well cut off my legs and call me Shorty!

so, if this is not a joke I'll sign BIttymacods statement.
Hate to see this world turn into a Jump&Run Arcade .

#17 [en] 

Well reading some of the unfair comments here, like

this must be a joke

self-digging pick

or I want to fly on a dragon

This is not the helpful and tolerant community I got to know and which is so often praised by new players.

Eventhough I think his ideas are a shot over the target, it would be enough to objectively argue against it. From this point I can understand his reaction a bit.

The game is often dead these days, its not a good idea to laugh about the personal engagement of new players.

#18 Многоязычный 

I think the community is adult and tolerant and once new player have mastered forage they will surely sign the self-digging pick :P
back to the topic :

where can I select NO THANKS in this vote ?

CEO Fyros Air :)

#19 [en] 

I voted other: I want a dragon pet to fly everywhere.

Also i think the idea of a self-digging pick is not well explored; we should explore it further and analyze the tremendous pros it has.

On a more serious note; the community is both helpful and troll-ish; the one doesn't exclude the other.


Evil Matis Dutchess


#20 [en] 

My "Other" is for Animal Teaming.... Which I confess I imagine more as an other skill to acquire than an other power to be granted.


#21 [en] 

I voted "other" because i want to jump over small barriers. Only because i think, homins are glued wrongly on our beloved bark.

But i wont call this mini-jumps i'd like to do a "travel power".

#22 [en] 

My "Other" is for Animal Teaming.... Which I confess I imagine more as an other skill to acquire than an other power to be granted.

I would love this, too. In fact I did a whole presentation of it some time back, with proposed Rites, levels, and limits on the animals to be tamed.


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