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A message was posted in every city of the Nations:

ALERT!!! The Goo progress again at Void!

I invite all Initiates and their allies to visit Paramount Stock on 16h - Dua, Mystia 8, 4th AC 2599 (*), where we will start to investigate the phenomenon and, of course, to act as soon as possible!
The Matis botanist assistant Serae Chiaera Cuirinia and myself will guide you, and Wui-Yu Ruz will be ready to come if necessary.

Homins, we need you to contain the plague of the Goo in Void!

Haido Xuan,
Dynastic Gardener

(*) [OOC] Пятница, 7 Сентября 2018 19:00:00 UTC (5 месяцев назад) [/OOC]

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