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I had my own domain and a number of email addresses associated with it. Those email addresses are now associated with 2 of my Ryzom accounts. I let that domain lapse a few years ago, and the email addresses went with it.

I've emailed support for help, but not sure how long their turn around is. Is there any way I can regain access to these accounts myself if I no longer am in possession of the passwords?


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In case you need to restore your old account, you need to solve this with a CSR/support.

You can email to support@ryzom.com or contact a CSR online, Arionasis and Tiximei are online very often. You can use https://chat.ryzom.com to connect to (not just) game channels without running a client. Use your character name and your password to authenticate into the Ryzom chat (RC).

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I managed to solve it myself (by reregistering the domain), but your answer is great, and will take note should I have any other issues.

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