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Matis has no water.

Please Add a river to Verdant Heights.

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There are ponds in forest, as well as in jungle.

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The only water I've seen is a few puddles in the maze sections of Grove of Confusion, Upper Bog, and Heretic's Hovel, and the waterfalls in Hidden Source. I've found more standing water in the Burning Desert than I have in Verdant Heights. Much of Witherings lacks ponds as well.

It would seem that you can have ponds or abundant plant life but not both. Water is either on the ground or in the trees.


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Fleeting garden has ponds as well.

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I like this idea.



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Effectivement c'est un élément qui manque...pas seulement pour Verdan Heights pais peut être aussi pour les autres régions (y compris le désert...vous vous souvenez...le Nil).
Après il n'est pas obligé que ces rivières soient aussi grandes, mais elles pourraient intéger des points de passage (on appelle ça des ponts), l'occasion d'avoir de nouvelles belles architectures et des épreuves en plus...
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This seems to make a lot of sense lore-wise, since the trykers made a water pact with the Fyros. How is will be implemented will take a lot of thought.
(even thought I am Matis and opposed to it!!)
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