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Stevano picked up the letter that his secretary had just written under his dictation. He reread it then affixed the royal seal with a determined gesture.
Send this to Orphie Dradius immediately.

The secretary quickly walked away. The voice of the Royal Herald was already echoing in front of the Palace, calling upon the vassals and inhabitants of the Kingdom to fight the threat from the depths.
To Orphie Dradius,

I hope that the arrival of the Kitins of the Depths in the Kingdom has nothing to do with the tunnel that I have allowed you to consolidate in the Grove of Confusion. And so I expect you and your rangers to make every effort to ascertain this.
It goes without saying that all homins must fight against this threat and rangers can join in eradicating it. However I remind you that any measure against the tunnels has to receive my approval before any action. We have other means than termites.


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Une prompte réponse

Orphie Dradius regarda à nouveau sa pile de courrier. Elle venait de lire le fort détaillé rapport de Lou Tei-Sang au sujet de la diminution de la menace des kitins blancs dans la Forêt. Le fait qu'ils n'aient pas réapparu immédiatement était rassurant, mais ce n'était pas une raison de réduire la vigilance. La missive suivante était fermée par un sceau, le sceau du Karan Stevano. Elle brisa le sceau, lu le court message puis se mit à marmonner des imprécations toute seule. Elle prit une grande et profonde inspiration pour se calmer. Une prompte réponse était nécessaire et une qui serait formulée tout à la fois avec soin et précision. Elle écrivit :
A Stevano, Karan Mateis et Grand Prêtre de Jena, salutations en ce 12h - Holeth, Pluvia 18, 3rd AC 2597.

J'ai reçu votre récente missive et je m'empresse de rassurer Votre Majesté sur ses préoccupations.

Tout d’abord, la Voie qui mène depuis le Bosquet de la Confusion vers Silan est contrôlée tous les jours par les ingénieurs qui travaillent à sa stabilisation. Il n’y a eu, et ce à aucun moment, de signe d’activité kitine, que ce soit de la part des kitins communs ou des blancs des profondeurs. Vous pouvez être assuré que nous continuerons à veiller à ce que cela reste le cas.

Quant à la présente incursion, aucun de mes Rangers n’a observé la présence de dôme kitin ni des tunnels qui vont avec. C’est une bonne nouvelle, mais nous devons rester vigilants. Que le moindre dôme soit trouvé dans les terres matisses et soyez assuré que nous porterons cela à l’attention de vos officiels et ne tenterons aucune action contre eux sans Votre coopération.

Avec tout mon respect,
Orphie Dradius,
Guide Ranger.

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Unto Karan Stevano

Deles silam,

I allow myself this missive ahead of next chamber of Nobles, favouring promptness of intelligence over strictness of etiquette.

First of all the invasion of white kitins seems stopped as inexplicably as it started. It's good news, but as filira Salazar commented what is less good is that those kitins could appear and disapear without traces.

I'm aware that we suspected the recent openning of the path to Silan to be the cause of the invasion. However the facts refute this hypothesis, espacially because the invasion occurs simuntaneously in jungle, and that regarding forest, is was not centered on Confusion Groove. This tall jugula which was eliminated seems the only consequence of the openning to silan.

I have to inform you that the Rangers were remarkably active in the elimination of white kitins. On this side we cannot deny that they are commited to fulfill their mission.

However, the goal of my missive is also to share with you my personnal hypothesis regarding the reason of this invasion. And I think Rangers are really the cause.

Indeed, the invasion started not long after those last had introduce a new rite of passage for their aspirants. This rite occurs somewhere on Oflovak road and certainly has no link with the invasion, BUT, after the rite passed, the fresh ranger is invited to stride across prime roots seeking the pathway that form their transportation web.

My hypotheis, is that Rangers, while crossing massively those tunnels, with the euphoria and clumsiness we could imagine from new rangers discovering those paths, have excited a colonny from the depth, which move up to surface.

I talk about this hypothesis to rangers themselves but their instructor remained very dubious. Of course.
But he admitted that the question should be studied.

Whatever, the invasion has stopped, which I explain by the fact that most of aspirants have now becomed rangers that know all paths and most importantly that know how to use them with more experience and discretion. "The fever has gone" we could say.

We can also wonder why lakes and desert were spared from this invasion. My intuition is that comes form differences in the composition of our undergrounds.

I won't develop here more geological considerations on what is only a hypothesis. I remain at your disposal.

Jena aiye,

Mistress of Arms,
Royal Ambassador toward Rangers,
Operations leader at S.K.A

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