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Karan Stevano had not calmed down for days after the last True Sap assault against his capital. An assault that had almost allowed a sentenced homin to escape justice. He had given carte blanche to Elran Antolli to discover all the members of the splinter group and to annihilate them definitively.

The leader of the guild of Karavia smiled darkly. It had not been easy and he wasn’t sure yet that he had identified all the members. But it was nonetheless time to deal a blow that he hoped to be fatal to this degenerate organization. In order not to alert the foe, he sent the message without further clarification: Elran Antolli will be at the Royal Palace on 21h - Holeth, Winderly 30, 3rd AC 2597.

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Clio Antonia bloqué dans sa tente au Camp de la Sève Vraie


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