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Kyriann ends up writing a message and calls his most diligent izam.
- Fly fast al don't be wrong it's important!
She whispered to it the addressee: Ailan Mac' Kean

To Ailan Mac'Kean

Nair Mac'Kean Lordoy!

Nair Mac' Kean

I speak to you as senior officer of Nhori Drakani.
I have just learned of the new postponement of the Taliari assembly scheduled for 28 Floris CA1 2597.
We looked forward to this assembly. Ny Jazzy, despite intense administrative work, hoped to be present.
There is no shortage of issues between the reform of the federal market, the reshuffle of the UFA and appointments to replace absent ambassadors.
But in addition, we wanted to report on the recent disappearance of Ambassador Zhan-Miko and discuss a possible official approach to theocracy.

We hope that this postponement will not be indefinitely, the Federation cannot behave like a totalitarian regime!

Tryka Meer Sella

Kyriann Ba' Zephy Rie, Senior Officer Bai Nhori Drakani

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