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Ryzom Forge meeting (August 6th, 2018)

Date: monday, August 6th, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)

Meeting place: Atys, on Ryzomforge channel (/channel ryzomforge), or on chat. ryzom. com (channel #ryzomforge) for players who have already opened the channel ingame.

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • August OOC events
  • Ryzom Wiki
  • New system rewards & New rewards
  • Ranger gameplay balance
  • Marauder gameplay fix & improvement
  • Exploit & bug fixes
  • Gameplay changes and improvements
  • Future content in test

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Ryzom Forge Wiki

#30 Mehrsprachig 

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Ryzom Forge meeting report - August 6th, 2018

Ryzom Wiki

Zorroargh (RF) - 19:40 UTC
Lately, I've been working hard on the wiki with several objectives and I will give you as much as possible a brief overview of these missions and their progress.
First, data migration from Ryzom Forge and Ryzom Lore to the wikis of the five languages and Ryzom Commons. The project is progressing well: I have completed the migration of major pages like the "Fyros" ones.This is a time-consuming task but not so hard because the source information is the same for each language. Thus "Forge" and "Lore" are gradually taking their place in the global wiki.
But now I have another task. For those who don't know, the three original wikis (DE, EN and FR) have each evolved on their own. So I am setting up a system standardizing the templates and categories by trying not to favour one or the other language and not to alter the data of old or current users. I can say that we have reached a status that I think is fairly operational and welcoming for everyone: contributors and readers.
I was thinking of motivating players to use it by making this wiki a RP extension. I portrayed it as a library of researchers.
Here's my summary. I give Tamarea the talking stick.

Q: Zorroargh, do you have any pages to show us?
Yes. Here are some examples.As you can see, there are a lot of translations missing, both ways.

OOC Events

Tamarea (RT) - 20:15 UTC
We will be holding on a regular basis short OOC events throughout August, starting in a few days.
Examples of OOC events: find the thimble, mini-boss.
The rewards for attending will be new tokens to use in new Wheel of Fortune (that a patch will add next week). With these tokens, maybe you'll win one of the fabulous new prizes!

Q : What will happen with current tokens? Will there be a way to transform into new kind of tokens? Can we use our current tokens on new Wheel?
A :
Yes: the NPC will propose token conversion without commission.

Q : If it's an OOC event, where will the Marauders play the Wheel?
A :
The Marauders will have their own Wheel.

Q : While you are at it : can you make the NPC to exchange our ghost points too?
A :
Most points (Atys, Ghost, etc.) can be used to buy tokens for the Wheel, but this is only one option among others. Indeed, it is planned to add NPCs dedicated to the exchange of accumulated points against prizes (that's why the Dev Team has asked to stop points delivery until the reward system works).

Rewards: new system & new prizes

Tamarea (RT) - 20:36 UTC
Will be part of the patch next week:
  • New Wheel of Fortune (for all, including Marauders, in their Camp);
  • New prizes to win with the Wheel of Fortune: new mount, new companion, new plushes, wigs.
The OOC events mentioned above will probably start before the patch, so try to get your fill of tokens before the new Wheel arrives!

Rangers gameplay balance

Tamarea (RT) - 20:42 UTC
Following your feedback on the gameplay Ranger's current playability, we are balancing it. This will most certainly be done in several steps: the main modifications will be added during next week's patch, then adjusted if necessary during a subsequent patch (which may also contain new modifications if necessary).
  • Safety Zone Addition of "Safety Zones" at the extremities of the Ranger Paths.
  • Damage Significant decrease in the % risk that Rangers will suffer damage when they travel along a known Path and their map is up to date. If there is any damage, its % is also greatly decreased, and based on the current number of hit points, not the maximum one.
  • Access to Almati Wood The Almati Wood karavan transporter now sells teleportation pacts to the Rangers.
  • Faster Path travel Rangers no longer needs, to pursue their way, to reactivate their amber if they resume the Path they have just left. In addition, their map opens automatically so that they only have to click on the next destination.
  • Death on a Path Dying on a Path becomes impossible if the Path is known and the map up to date.
Bugs fixed by next week's patch:
  • Neutral PvP equipment can be worn again by Rangers.
  • Passage on the Paths impossible if the Ranger is invulnerable, PvP tagged, seated, swimming or riding mount.
Player requests under consideration :
  • Possibility for Rangers to respawn at entrances of the Paths.
  • After the one made in the Elusive Forest, change of position of a Path because of aggros in the Void region.
  • Other requests not listed here.
(Zorroargh points https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Portal:Rangers.)

Q: While the Rangers will no longer be able to, will the Marauders still be able to be teleported while swimming?
See next topic

Marauders gameplay fixes and improvements

Tamarea (RT) - 21:05 UTC
Added by next week's patch :
[*]Marauder Fame This is the prerequisite for the other improvements planned: the Marauder's fame is now displayed in the Fame window and automatically evolves according to the fame acquired from the various Civilizations and Powers
[*]Access to Almati Wood A new Marauder teleport is implanted in Almati Wood.
Bugs fixed by next week's patch:
  • Teleportation impossible if the Marauder is invulnerable, seated or swimming.
  • Fix of Marauder Rite (if completed on time).
There's still a lot of work to do on Marauder gameplay, we're only at the beginning. We have a long list of points to validate, correct, balance, improve and I will regularly report at Ryzom Forge meetings our progress on Marauder gameplay (as well as those on the game Ranger gameplay).
(Zorrargh points https://en.wiki.ryzom.com/wiki/Portal:Marauders.)

Q: Since 40 Marauders left the game this year and only 10 players remain active in this Faction, couldn't we start with something less discouraging than these TP prohibitions?
This is a big bug that gives a gameplay advantage and it has to be fixed. So he will be.

Q : Don't you think that having additional TPs in three highly contested regions (Under Spring, Wastelands and Windy Gate) gives Marauders an unfair advantage?
None, but a debate (without conclusion) between the questioner and the bearer of the preceding question.

Exploit and bug fixes

Tamarea (RT) - 21:29 UTC
Fixes (and improvement) part of next week's patch:
  • Fix of several exploits.
  • Installer under Linux (no error 0 anymore). Already existing installations will update automatically.
  • Named Kiban "Naka" spawned too close to the Ancient Dryads tribe. So its spawn location has been moved 100m away.
  • Fix of crash when opening WebIG (Shift + W).
  • Mouse wheel now scroll target object instead of scrolling bar.
  • Fix of overlapping parts in UI windows Fame / Buy / Resell.
  • Fix of bad credit for self regen 26. WARNING : self regen action 26 costs now 260 credits instead of 250. Your already existing plans that so have now more costs than time credits [/b]will be auto deleted[/b] on your first login after the patch.
  • "Leave Silan" mission does not give two free TP pacts back to Silan anymore. Only one is given when the player finishes the Welcomer mission in a capital.
  • Lots of emotes now have an animation.


Tamarea (RT)
After next week's patch, the Kamis and Karavan altars of Almati Wood will sell teleportation pacts to everyone but Marauders.
Thus, all players will have direct access to Almati: Neutral, Rangers and Karavaniers via the Karavan altar, Kamists via the Kamis altar, and Marauders via a Zinuakeen.

It's already late (21:43 UTC) so I won't go into the last topic that was supposed to deal with the various improvements made by the next patch... But you'll find them on the patchnote.

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Mehrsprachig | English | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting (August 20th, 2018)

Date: monday, August 20th, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)

Meeting place: Atys, on Ryzomforge channel (/channel ryzomforge), or on chat. ryzom. com (channel #ryzomforge) for players who have already opened the channel ingame.

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • Ryzom Wiki: questions & answers
  • August OOC Events: feedbacks
  • Last patch: feedbacks
  • In development: infos

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Ryzom Forge Wiki

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Ryzom Forge meeting report - August 20th, 2018

Ryzom Wiki

Zorroargh (RF) - 19:37 UTC
First of all, I would like to say that Kervala found an email bug that prevented me from communicating with others and giving me the ability to create accounts. He fixed it in spite of the fact that he was busy full time with the Ryzom client. So the Encyclopatistes owe him a big thanks!
Now, as far as the Wiki is concerned, I continue to standardize structures while patrolling ("patrolling" is the term used in the wiki world to indicate that the content of articles is being examined).
And I am very happy to see that I am no longer alone: there are many Encyclopatysts (newcomers or old ones back) that are now helping to improve its content.
Q: Will obsolete information be archived?
Always! When the informations are still usable, I make merges, for example, or I tag the article by a "Old Lore" banner, etc. There are several ways to archive.

OOC Events

Tamarea (RT) - 19:53 UTC
What are your feedbacks and questions about the OOC events proposed this August?
Do you enjoy all four of them (mini Boss, race, dice and hide-&seek) alike?
Mostly positive feedback from those present and :
  • some worrying about the day of their end, Teanwen confirms that they will finish only with the month of August;
  • Tamarea specifies that these games are also offered during American Atysians' playing hours;
  • many are eager to risk the tokens earned at the new Wheel;
  • the exchange rate of former tokens is confirmed (1 for 1);
  • the idea of exchangeable tokens between players will be transmitted by Tamarea to the Team;
  • Teanwen will now try not to blow up the mines so close to the packers.

August 17 patch

Tamarea (RT) - 20:19 UTC
What are your feedback and questions about the latest patch applied?
Q: Where is the Wheel? Where are the prizes?
The wheel should be activated in a few days. We could activate it now, but I think you'll prefer it when she can give prizes!

Q: Can you explain how the Marauder fame brought by the patch works?
Marauder fame is special: if your fame with each of the other factions/nations is -50, your Marauder fame will be 50 and vice versa. But by completing Marauder missions you can push it, like the others, up to a maximum of 100 (in principle: a bug is still to be fixed).

Q: The frequency of "Please wait" has increased. Is an improvement in sight?
Developers are looking for the cause of the problem, but can't give any prognosis yet.

Post patch bugs

Tamarea (RT) - 20:45 UTC
Fixed bugs
  • Steam clients should be fixed since yesterday.
  • The too large size of an icon displayed in the Special bag has been fixed.
  • Objects are back in the apartments! (RyzHome)
  • Resale now works, except this: the code still needs to be updated so that players can also resell damaged PvP items, and that their new price reflects the degradation they have undergone.
Bugs to fix
  • Mac client on Apple Store We are waiting for Apple Store validation, and we hope for it to be available in 2 to 5 days.
  • Bugs in PvP shops Work is in progress.
  • Marauder TP Bugs It is impossible for Marauders to use a TP when they are dead, so no TP at the last crystal recharge needs to walk to Camp. No error message during a TP attempt under invulnerability.
  • Strange effect when changing jewelry or armor When equipping, for example a life boosted jewel instead of a concentration boosted jewel, all other jewelry equipped change boost but not quality. There is a similar effect with the armor. This will be fixed with the next client patch.
    The IG browser ignores style="text-decoration : none ;" for tags <a> (links). This problem will be fixed with the next client patch.

Ranger gameplay

Tamarea (RT) - 20:54 UTC
We are currently working on further improvements for the next patch:
  • Adding of Respawn Points for Rangers on all Pathways (including those in Prime Roots).
  • Adding of a Pathway to Midway Point.
  • Moving of capitals' Pathways closer to the TP of a Power.
Questions or feedbacks?
Q: Coming after the installation of the Safety Zones and the reduction of the damages undergone during the course of the Roads, don't you think that's too much? That it'll make the Ranger gameplay too easy?
No. It is still slower than using a Power's TP, but with these changes, the Ranger game will be more balanced and playable. At least that's the purpose of these two successive patches.

Closing (started projects)

Tamarea (RT) - 21:05 UTC
We are currently working on a new map for Marauders. This map will constitute a PvP area and a large Marauder camp (or city, or citadel - details unknown at the time, but you have the idea) will be set up there.
Thus the map of Atys will be completed with a new region, clearly designated as Marauder territory, visible by all.
This new region will be located near Nexus, for which we have a new project: Nexus reloaded (see https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/28116/2 6#26 for more information).

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Mehrsprachig | English | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting (September 10th, 2018)

Date: monday, September 10th, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)

Meeting place: Atys, on Ryzomforge channel (/channel ryzomforge), or on chat. ryzom. com (channel #ryzomforge) for players who have already opened the channel ingame.

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • Ryzom Wiki (infos, questions & answers)
  • Wheel of Fortune, tokens, Atys Points and rewards (infos, questions & answers)
  • Jena Year's Seasons (infos, questions & answers)
  • Purple Gubani event and future contamined cratcha boss (infos, questions & answers)

  • CSR recruitment is opened! (infos, questions & answers)

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Ryzom Forge Wiki

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Mehrsprachig | Français | English

Ryzom Forge meeting report - September 10th, 2018

Ryzom Wiki

Zorroargh (RF) - 19:38 UTC
The wiki is reaching a good maturity in my opinion. I have more or less managed to see how to align the categories, templates, etc. between the different wikis, so that we can all talk about almost the same topics.
Well, it will still take me a long time!
As for the life of the wiki, I am happy to see that we have more and more very dynamic contributors…. Unfortunately, mainly in the FR group. I hope others will come (DE, EN, ES), because they are the ones who make the wiki live, not me.
Lastly, I was planning to create a RP meeting (in Almati Wood for instance) so that we could discuss the wiki freely and at length (excluding technical: content, look, etc.). Let me know by izam what you think, please.

Q: Do you need help with technical things on the wiki? Updating, extensions, etc.?
You are always welcome.

Q: In the past, I sent two password requests to help on the wiki with EN2DE translations, I never got an answer.
Yes, it is possible. We recently discovered a bug that caused replies not to be sent. I suggest you try again, but please give me your name and/or CV, something telling me that you are a member of Ryzom.

Q: Would a public channel on Rocket help you to communicate better?
Why not? The difficulty in RP is the mix of languages I would like to see there.... It slows down communication a lot. While in a forum, you take your time and ALL people see and can participate in the same place.

JYS, Wheel of Fortune Tokens and Prizes, Atys Points

Ulukyn (RT) - 20:07 UTC
The principle of the JYS (Jena Year Seasons) is to apply a patch of content at regular intervals, as it happens all the new years of Jena. Therefore, there will be additions every 2.5 months or so.
Among these additions will be, for sure, wigs, new zigs (small pets), plush toys and, why not, other mounts. As for wigs, the idea is first to make the hairstyles of other nations available, then to add new ones.
We will provide tutorials and have opened a bitbucket repository (https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomdatas) containing all the graphic additions we have made and will make. So we hope that more people will be able to participate.
But the JYS will also be an opportunity to implement new gameplay contents. Some are already under study and others will be soon.
As the JYS are set on the Atysian New Years, the next patch of this type will be applied in November or December (to be calculated). More information will be given to you later... Or maybe not, so as not to spoil your enjoyment of the surprise.

Wheel of Fortune Tokens
There will be basic ones to convert (one old against one new) and basic ones to buy (up to 500 per day).
Fine tokens will also be available for purchase, but at a variable price. Initially very high, their price will decrease over time but will increase with each purchase. This means that the more tokens players buy, the higher their price will be. Conversely, the less tokens players buy, the lower their price will be.
Tokens other than basic or fine tokens will not be available for purchase. But don't worry: little additions will allow you to regularly win tokens.

Wheel of Fortune Prizes
Each JYS, as you will have understood, will bring its own set of new prizes for the Wheel.
Not to mention special tokens given for OOC events such as Atysoël, Anlor Winn, etc. that will help you win no less special prizes.

Points Atys
As for Atys Points, it's more complicated. They will allow you to buy items that reward participation in events and we would like to reward players as fairly as possible.
But we would also also like the purchasing system to be nice: that one can't get everything too easily, but that those who don't participate much in events can buy what they like. And, of course, we have to imagine kind and funny rewards.
We have a lot of ideas (homina and homin dolls, for example), some of them really original, but like the Wheel of Fortune, we prefer to take the time to think things through.
So be patient! It will come. Especially since the tools for the sale are online and in the process of being debugged.

Q: Just a suggestion…. Maybe you could also make tokens a very rare drop off mobs so unaware players might just stumble upon them?
Good idea!

Purple Gubani and schedule of events

Tamarea (RT) - 21:03 UTC
Purple Gubani
The last part of the "Purple Gubani" sequence of events started at the Void, with Goo fumes modified so as not to penalize the gameplay (less lagss and much less damage).
The sequence will end with the introduction of a new contaminated Cratcha Boss.

Schedule of events
From now on, roleplay events will take place either on Friday or Sunday because these are the evenings when more players can participate.
They will be announced as far in advance as possible on the WebIG calendar, so that those who organize outpost battles can be informed of free evenings.
On the other days, OOC events (such as mini-bosses) may take place several times a month.
During the RL holiday periods, we will continue to offer permanent OOC events.

Q: Any news of the kitin invasions?

Tamarea (RT) - 21:10 UTC
A: Kitin invasions, different from the old ones, are under development, yes.
These will be dynamic events, i.e. the extent of an invasion will depend on how quickly you will deal with it.
It will be up to you to detect the spawn of domes disgorging kitins before it is too late!
I don't know yet if there will be Exterminators (the kitin bosses of the old invasions) among the invaders.
Other dynamic events are also in preparation. Example: A NPC in a city leaves her/his post to ask for help, and any player can agree to be of service to her/him.

Closing (CSR recruitment)

Tamarea (RT) - 21:22 UTC
The Support team is recruiting!
For more information, please see: https://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/22047/1

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Mehrsprachig | English | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting (September 24th, 2018)

Date: monday, September 24th, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)

Meeting place: Atys, on Ryzomforge channel (/channel ryzomforge), or on chat. ryzom. com (channel #ryzomforge) for players who have already opened the channel ingame.

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • Status of projects (by Dev Ulukyn): creation of maps, wheel of fortune, boss in a box, Game Design Team projects (Outpost refactoring, Nexus reload, ranged weapons)
  • Graphics repository
  • Ryzom Wiki
  • Recruitment


Ryzom Teams and Communications Manager - (FR / EN / ES)


Ryzom Forge Wiki

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Mehrsprachig | Français | English

Ryzom Forge meeting report - September 24th, 2018

Review of last night's problems

Ulukyn (RT) - 19:34
RyzomChat went crazy and started slowing down all our internal tools. So I migrated the infrastructure from Apache alone to Nginx+Apache.
This resulted in a bug in a script that filled the server with log files.... And when the server is full, nothing goes right.
Everything has now returned (or is expected to return soon) to normal.

Q: Did the server attack itself by denial of service (DoS)?
No, there has been no DoS, but Apache manages several simultaneous connections, frequent on RyzomChat, less efficiently than Nginx.

Q: Is that why Ryzomchat is not working well right now?
Yes, switching from Apache to Nginx+Apache has probably created problems with some players' sessions. We'll wait until tomorrow, the night will probably kill the current sessions.

Q: It is to be feared that the wiki has also suffered major disruptions.... How can we get in touch with you if other problems appear there?
To contact me, use RyzomChat.

New map

Ulukyn (RT) & Revvy (RF) - 19:42
The project that was the ultimate goal of Team Ryzom when it was created, adding a new map, is now complete.
We were able to add an extension to the Nexus map, an island that will be connected to it by vortices.
The card is 100% functional. This means that all its elements (fog sheets, collisions, map of the region, etc.) are well connected.

Q: This region was already "present" on Atys. But will you be able to create an area from scratch and add it?
It has already been done. I had already added region maps generated by Nevrax, here I added internally generated maps. By mixing the two types of cards everything is possible. So the area is ready and we will furnish it thanks to the Scenographic Editor. This will be the first time we will have a "handy" tool to add physical content to the game, instead of having to put objects in a 2D map in the hope of getting it right.

Q: Will the region have a theme?
The main part will be a Marauders' City, attached to the Nexus, as an extension. Because it is part of the Marauder Camp relocation project.
The process that allowed its creation can be used for future projects on Atys and will be open to non-developers. That is, it will not be necessary to have development skills to be able to create a map and fill it with objects and creatures.

Q: What do you mean? How will you decide who designs and who furnishes?
The project team, composed of developers, ARKitects, lorists, players, etc., will decide on that.

Q: Does this mean that if you receive proposals of interesting maps from players, they could be added?
Yes, our decision-making processes often take into account players' ideas (after all, all of us in the Team are players).

Q: Will there be a dedicated team for this? Or will existing teams be in charge of it?
There is already a team that deals with the whole Marauder gameplay and therefore also with the City (although, regarding this one, it is mainly a question of adjustment).

Q: How can one join the said team?
You have to apply, as for all the other teams.

Q: Do we know, more or less, when this new region will be online?
Not yet.

Wheel of the Fortunate Gubani

Ulukyn (RT) - 20:11
I didn't have the time to add the excellent tokens.
As for supreme tokens, it will be for later (they are special): a bit of patience then!
The titles are operational (in theory) and the Bymgo grid will be repaired, if possible, as soon as the meeting over.

Boss in the Box

Ulukyn & Teanwen (RT) - 20:13
This is a project that will use the Pocket Worlds system and the Scenographic Editor.
The idea is to open an area in one of the Ring Islands where the Bosses can be fought with strategies as crazy and varied as their creator (the same genius who animates the mini Bosses).

Q: Will there be any rewards?
Yes, loots including new raw materials for crafts.

Q: Will the areas be instances, as is Dante's Peak?
Bosses in the Box are instances like Dante, but are not restricted to the "NPC Marauders" type.

Q: Does this mean that unless you are in a league you cannot enter the area and that if you enter it it will be closed for players out of the league?
Yes, an instance will only be accessible to the first person to enter it and to those in her/his league.

Q: Will Bosses in the Box replace current Bosses ?
Yes, in time the "ordinary" Bosses (which are just very powerful creatures guarded by ordinary creatures) of today will be replaced by these Bosses in Box. However, the way to find them them will remain close to the current "check", with a larger proportion of random.

Q: Will it be necessary to check the instance only? Or will there be specific places to check?
There will be both check points and random spawning points.

Q: Does this mean that it will be enough to "camp" (to stay in front of the instance in order to forbid others to enter it) to kill a Boss in the Box?
Camping will have no efficiency: the word "random" is important. These are not static "pops" like Dante, but random "pops".

Q: Is there not a risk, with these instances, of further reducing the opportunities for PvP, the competition for Bosses and the interactions ( aggressives or not) between players, thus discouraging a bit more the rare players who practice (and like) PvP gaming on Atys?
As far as interactions between players are concerned, they are rather the source of many tickets (for "Boss robbery") than of pleasure.... We had nothing to do with this.... We therefore prefer to bring healthier challenges. But no less difficult: I can tell you that you will really have to do your damnedest to kill these Bosses in the Box.
PvP fans will undoubtedly find pleasure in searching for the tactics and equipment needed to defeat the Bosses in the Box. Moreover, Bosses in the PvP zone will remain, in addition to those in instances, because they fit perfectly with a logical game mechanism. What we want to stop is a game mechanism that makes the rules of the Code of Conduct inapplicable.
Finally, you should know that the overall project consists in two stages: the first consists in the creation of new Bosses (Bosses in the Box, so) provided with new strategies and dropping new loots, the second will aim to provide existing Bosses with new strategies and migrate them, possibly, into instances. Given the work still required to complete the first stage, the second stage will not be started any time soon.

Q: Are Bosses in the Box of lower levels planned too? Or will new players be excluded?
Yes, all formats (from 50 to 250) are planned.

Q: Thus there will be new loots that large guilds, although mostly passive, will be able to acquire by the power of numbers (vast leagues of half AFK players to kill a Boss in the Box when fewer would be enough) to store them forever in their Guild Halls... Don't you think that those players who accumulate materials they never use because they don't participate in the most difficult actions of the game are a problem?

Nexus Reloaded

Ulukyn (RT) - 20:47
The purpose of this project, led by the Game Design Team, is to restore value to the Nexus, thanks to a PvP zone and gameplay of which it would be the heart.
It will be an opportunity to bring something new to the items, but also to have regular opportunities for players to compete against each other.
It is a complex project because it must be able to attract players who are not familiar with PvP, without adding a constraint to this style of play..
To be continued, then: I think we will have a proposal to submit very soon.

Redesign of the mechanics of the Outpost Wars

Ulukyn (RT) & Revvy (RF) - 20:57
The Game Design Team's validation of this project was obtained in a single evening, and everyone is excited to see the changes in game.
Initially the duration of the attacks will be reduced to one hour to match more closely with the players' connection possibilities.
The cost of declarations of war will be considerably reduced (or even modified for a system excluding dappers) in order to encourage their multiplication. However, multiple declarations (for several simultaneous attacks) will be more expensive.
There will no longer be a defence phase, which is considered constraining and penalizing for the dynamics of the outposts (the original project aimed at more frequent ownership changes than at present).
Finally, the materials produced by the Outposts will be randomly redistributed each new year of Jena and their quality will no longer depend on the level of the Outpost. The mechanics have not yet been precisely defined, but the goal is to enable, for example, a Level 50 Outpost to produce (albeit in smaller quantities and at a higher drilling cost) 250-quality materials.
We are also considering having the Outposts attacked by tribes or others.
With such changes, a guild, even an average one, of a weaker faction, will be able to attack an outpost and obtain good quality materials... at least for a while.

Q: Would it be possible to have the outposts attacked by bandits rather than tribes so that their defence by the Rangers could be justified? And guilds to rent the services of mercenary NPCs for the duration of an Outpost attack? And for players to assist tribes or bandits in their Outpost attacks?
Yes, bandits, kitins, Marauders, Mithian solo (!), etc., everything is possible. And it's also possible that we would mix it all up.

Q: Won't the removal of the possibility of simultaneous attacks make the strategy poorer?
No doubt, but simultaneous attacks are still possible, they are simply more expensive than single ones, and will probably require the participation of several guilds.

Range weapons

Ulukyn (RT) - 21:16
Finally, the latest project under study (and under test) concerns remote weapons (which, as you may know, are not yet completed - bad balancing, useless ammunition stats).
All this sounds like a great deal of work, but I would like to remind you that each project is studied and then carried out by the most competent people in separate teams and that some require only one person (such as the one regarding the Outposts, where I am the only one in charge of changes). So we always have projects in progress and projects under study at the same time.


Tamarea (RT) - 21:24
A quick word first about the graphic repository of Ryzom Forge: it has been moved to the Ryzom bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/ryzom/ryzomdatas/src
And finally the last but important topic. Recruitment is open: Event, Computer Graphics, Support, Game Design, Level Design, Translation, Test, Comm-Marketing, Dev, Ark.... If you want to help us and be part of a project, join a team! Send an email to tamarea@ryzom.com and be aware that signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement is only required to join Event or Support teams.

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#37 Mehrsprachig 

Mehrsprachig | English | Français

Ryzom Forge meeting (October 8th, 2018)

Date: monday, October 8th, 19:30 UTC (21:30 CEST)

Meeting place: Atys, on Ryzomforge channel (/channel ryzomforge), or on chat. ryzom. com (channel #ryzomforge) for players who have already opened the channel ingame.

Duration: 1.5 hour

Participants: all Ryzom players wishing to join.
Nature: informative, questions & answers and feedback meeting.
Topic: Added, in test and ready to be tested projects.
  • Status of projects (by Jayvaraman and Ulukyn):
    • Guild Points
    • OP refactoring
    • Collections
    • Website

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Ryzom Teams and Communications Manager - (FR / EN / ES)


Ryzom Forge Wiki

#38 Mehrsprachig 

Mehrsprachig | Français | English

Ryzom Forge meeting report – October 8th, 2018

Collections (Jayvaraman)

The team is currently working on a project called Collections
Players will be able to find more or less randomly spawned items. A reward will be given, once a collection is completed.
You can see all your collections in a new ingame app, where the items will be displayed in a 3D object viewer.
The items will have a different dropchance. Some items will be easy to find, others are not. The items players can find range from fun and extraordinary to unique and even dangerous items.
Version 1.0 is all about Silan. There are 5 collections planned with 20 items at all for this region.
After the release of version 1.0, we will go on to improve the system and expand it over the time. So players will be able to find items all over Atys.
Some Collection will come along with a small storyline, like the Explorer Collection. Some storylines will combine multiple collections (even from different regions). For finishing those, the player will get a special reward.
There will be also faction depended collections and event collections (like atysmas).
For the future, we hope that we can also use those items in apartments as decorations, but it is not really planned for now.

Q : the items will be for decorative reasons; or will they affect gameplay as well?
A : No the items will not affect the gameplay. They are just decorative. Maybe some rewards will give benefits. But there is nothing ready yet.

Q : When the item is picked up by someone, can other people pick it up as well, or is it one use only?
R : If you pick up an item, it will disappear and respawn after time at a different position. Then someone else can pick it up.

Q : Will the objects be exchangeable?
R : It is not planned to make the objects exchangeable.

New website (Jayvaraman)

Like I already said, we are also planning to create a new website for Ryzom. The marketing team has already a clear vision and we want to share it with you. The goal of the new online presence is to catch the atmosphere of the game, attract new players by showing the game from its best side and combining all needed functions in an intuitive user interface. It will be a modern website with many, large images and animations. The below links will show you a video and some images from the new website. Please note, that this is work in progress! It is not the finished website what you're looking at. It's just a demonstration.
I have one more thing: a new logo for ryzom.


Any remark, feedback, comments, ideas about the new site and logo will be welcome.
You can write on the chat: chat.ryzom.com, #pub-general.

It has been proposed to create a test group of people who do not know Ryzom but are involved in the gaming world.

OP (Ulukyn)

We ran tests on the duration of the attacks. And that's pretty good. The phase lasted well 1 hour, the rounds increased well as expected. There is still the display to be modified (which still indicates 2h) and the current rounds. Once the attack phase was over, there was no defence phase as planned. So it's not bad at all for a first try.
For the price of the attacks, we had talked about either lowering their price in dappers or replacing it with another system. The other possible system, that we have already set up, is based on Guild Points, so an attack would be paid with PG (the amounts being relatively small for a first attack and increasing in case of multiple attacks)

Q : There are still 24 rounds?
R : Only 12 rounds for an attack phase of one hour.

For all ideas, it is possible to post on the forum or after the report. We regularly consult it for each decision in the Game Design team, don't hesitate.

Guild Points (PG) (Ulukyn)

The operation is simple. Each player who wins xp will also earn points for his (her) guild and this, even if he (she) is a 250. (Because a 250 continues to earn XP even if it is only used to remove DP)
The amount of xp needed to earn a point for his (her) guild increases for each point earned in a day. So, it becomes more and more difficult to get it in a day. The day after, the counter returns to zero and the amount of xp required is at its lowest.
For low level characters, it is also planned either to limit the number of Guild Points earned from a minimum level or to have a higher % depending on the level.
The guild points were set up on Friday in order to obtain detailed statistics and to be able to adjust the parameters as efficiently as possible. For the moment the maximum number of guild points has been set at 1000, this limit is not fixed, it will evolve according to future additions.
PG should not be seen as rewards points, it is more an indicator of guild activity. The more active a guild is, the more services it will get from guild pnjs.

Q : Can we do something with them already?
R : For the moment, it's mainly for statistics.

Q : Isn't this system likely to favour large guilds over small ones?
R : Big guilds will certainly earn more PG, but on the other hand, being bigger, they will need them more.

Q : Can we have statistics on which members earned how many points?
R : Good idea, probably via API.

Q : Doesn't that especially favour the guilds that hunt?
R : Not necessarily, however, we would like to add points to the other activities, like the professions, some missions and why not king's check missions that would give points.

Q : Why don't allow guild to use GP to buy more space on GH? It would forbid alt guilds...
R : Talking about it now will be a little hasty, but it's still a good example.

Q : Various questions on how best to gain the maximum amount of PG in the minimum amount of time.
R : The only way to get more PG is to have more people in your guild. Then you have 15 alt in your guild, you go to the pnj for an X service and he tells you: ok you have 15 active members in your guild, that makes 15x300 PG. Alts also eat PG from you.

End of meeting

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