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After a conference with other Ranger Companions and other aspirants, Daomei is writing down a summary of the recent incidents and findings of the research til now, followed by a request.

I greet you Orphie, and Wuoai,

After discussions with Zorroargh, Kiwalie, and other Ranger aspirants we decided to inform you about an incident in the Kingdom of the Verdant heights concerning the Rangers and us aspirants.

During the Matis Assembly of Fallenor 27, 4.AC 2594 (Ranger Companion Zorroargh was present at this part of the assembly as diplomatic liaison), the Matis vassal Leeis Necyene raised the following accusation about an incident she has not witnessed in person:

According to her, Matis noble Filira Markanjio from guild Ordre Royal and some of his guildmates claim to have been attacked in Avalae by "a group of Fyros and one tryker who told to be Rangers".

The matis vassal Xamax (Ordre Royal), present at the assembly, confirmed the incident told that they had "kicked their butts and sent them back to sender".

Karan Stevano said, directed to Zorroargh: "If they were rangers, make sure that it wont happen again. If they were no rangers, be aware that someone is trying to harm you".

Zorroargh and others, including me, started inquiries about the incident, yet so far with no conclusive result. Zorroargh and Kiwalie are trying to obtain further informations, in the desert in particular.

Generally, we deem it possible that overzealos or extremist Fyros Patriots might have attacked the Matis homins as, regrettably, seems to have occurred repeatedly short ago. But it remains a conundrum why they should have pretended to be "Rangers" in that case. Fyros Patriots are bound to the pillar of truth, and lying about their affiliation would be in drastical violation of it, as well as to the pillars of honor, and justice, which would be compromised by such villainous behavior, in addition.

Of course, members of the clans of the Marauders can be responsible as well. They would not have ethical qualms about lies and deception.

In fact, the only Rangers on and beneath the bark so far are under your command, in the refugee camp of Silan, in Almati wood, the Kitin Lair, and similar places. We homins of the new territories all are just aspirants waiting for the tests allowing us to join the ranks of the Atys Rangers, everyone an individual who is not under the command of any other aspirant, apprentice pathfinder, or other. And we can confirm that to our knowledge and findings no aspirant known to us and active in the four continents or elsewhere would attack citizens of any of the nations or has done so.

It seems disturbing to us that the Matis warriors from Ordre Royal were unable to identify and name the homins who attacked them. To inquire further, we would need to question the Matis who witnessed the incident. For that, we lack any authority.

We would be grateful if you could turn directly to the court in Yrkanis to inform the Karan about our status as Ranger aspirants and our limited possibilities to "make sure that it wont happen again" that homins lie about being "Rangers". We would welcome if Filira Markanjio, Ser Xamax, and other possible witnesses of the incident would allow us to question them.

Daomei Lin Carthan
Ranger Companion

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