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I came to this thread thinking that it was a general discussion about the NPC hunts, including opinions and observations; not just the single topic of "Should they be on the event schedule?".

First off, I am by no mean angry.   I would welcome any constructive discussion on how to make the hunts accessible to more players.  But that's got to go beyond what we have talked about so far and include ideas on how access might be improved.  It is important to note that the weekend hunts have been rather sparsely attended as well.

As to the original purpose of "**this thread**, no it certainly was not intended to be a general discussion.  It was about getting the scheduling information out to players and was in direct response to a player inquiry who indicated that the info was not available.  I suggested that it be listed as a single line on the calendar page and then provided the information related thereto so that any announcement could be linked to it.

After the topic was side tracked, the information was removed from the 1st post here and placed in a new thread.  I didn't want the schedule and related informationto be lost in a sea of side discussions.  And precisely because I think your concerns are valid, I renamed the thread so there would be a place to have those very discussions.

Understand that my last post commented **solely** on the reference to the topic as '"spam".  I was not intending in any way to limit discussion.  Two opposing views expressed by two players:

"Hey I wanna read about this somewhere, please provide"

"Hey, I can't participate, so I don't want any of this information posted ever".

All I am saying that when a player requests information and it is subsequently provided, the benefit to either side has to be weighed.  If it's not provided, that individual remains berefit of desired information, in other words, at a loss. If it's posted and someone doesn't want to read it, they haven't lost anything and they can choose not to read it.   So no, I am not suggesting the discussion be limited, just objecting to the suggestion that requested info be purposely witheld.

The current timing is certainly less than ideal for myself and more than half our guild members.  I make it work to the greatest extent possible by taking my lunch at 2 pm instead of 1 pm.  Many times that is not possible and I miss it.   If the Crimson Tide is playing on  Saturday, I'm going to miss it.

What time zone are you in ? What time are you suggesting ?  how many folks more folks would this include ?   If it was moved back 3 hours, that would certainly get some more western foks in, EST anyway assuming they don't commute, but what does that do for the eastern Euro folks ?  If we move it back 7 hours to get PST folks home from work, then Europe is sleeping.

But if we are going to make it a time zone thing, it all comes down to numbers.  I welcome a discussion on the topic ... but here we were today on a saturday and numbers were inadequate.  It would be great if the time could be adjusted to accomodate more people.   But it has to be a constructive discussion.

And, as you have argued about game sponsored event scheduling and staff availability being the primary and over riding criteria ...  the person doing all the organizing and record keeping / distribution is doing the hunts when he is available.  So if that logic is valid when applied to official events how would it not also apply to player sponsored events ?

So if there's an idea to be put forth which allows more folks to participate, that's great.  Are there enough folks to run two groups at alternating times ?   I have long thought about other possibilities but all my ideas were losers in the sense that for every one player added more than one player was lost.


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je vais écrire en français, car mon anglais est pas trés bon

et je vais écrire pour dire que hier j'ai participé à cette chasse pour la premiére fois, dans le but de considérer cette partie du jeu (existence des boss et existence des autres joueurs) et aussi dans le but d'avoir (si possible) les plans et les cristaux spéciaux necessaire à la fabrication des armures (selon ce que j'ai compris, sachant qu'à ce sujet, y a une sorte de jungle d'informations et je suis débutant à ce niveau et c'est un peu difficile de tout comprendre en un seul jour)

et donc je remercie encore les joueurs de m'avoir accueilli gentiement et ainsi de m'avoir expliqué ce que j'avais à faire pendant cette chasse

et pourrait-on dire ici (pour moi et ceux qui savent pas) combien de participation il faut (environ) pour avoir les plans et les crystaux speciaux ?

et aussi, faut-il que je signal à chaque fois ma présence à l'organisateur de la chasse, ou est-ce qui comptabilise sans que j'ai besoin de signaler ma présence ?



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