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The move to Freemium model was not intended as a move to "fight" or discourage the usage of second accounts (alts).

The purpose was to allow players with subs elapsed to continue playing without the need of creating an additional account.

Further on it should encourage formerly subbed players to return and have a look at the game without the need to resub immediately.

Third, it should encourage f2p players to sub for a while without losing their character and its achievements when terminating the subscription.

All over all this model is hoped to somewhat improve the number of both subscribers and participants in total. I hope it will work this way. It was not meant as an exercise to "fight" the usage of alts.


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En effet, c'est le mot ESPOIR... Car dans cette démarche on ne vois en vérité aucune stratégie réelle pour donner au moins aux anciens joueurs l'envie de se réabonner.

_ Aucun nouveaux défis Personnel ou collectifs...
_ Et pas de lutte en plus contre l'abus des Alt, qui n'aurait aucun intérêt si le jeux était peuplé par des abonnés.

Si avec F2P je peux pratiquement tous faire quel est l’intérêt de m'abonner.

F2P avant limiter au lvl 125 équipement 150, forage mps récup 130 xl max, craft 130.

F2P aujourd'hui la limite
_ sera nombre de mps 250 sup limité
_ sort de magie limité par matériel
_ le tank sera a peine limité par son arme, mais pourra utilisé des stanza 250
_ Craft limité à q 150, mais avec l'aide d'un crafteur abonnée vous pourrez equipé du q 170 équivalent.

Total point de vie 5095 en lvl 125 sans armillo, contre 6250 pour un abonné sans armillo.

En effet, je confirme c'est bien l'espoir qui vous anime. Merci de pensez a mon porte monnaie.
Si Ryzom fait trops d'argent je propose 1 mois gratuit pour tous le monde :)

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Mcero, maybe the hopes are in vain, who knows.

But I am sure of total failure when "improvements" consists in "fight" (lutte) against the playstyle of fellow players and crusade against their way to play and enjoy the game. Personally, I would leave the game when alt interaction were banned, and I am sure not few others would do as well.

F2p (or freemium) cannot do everything. They have but one mektoub (mount), cannot access guild or room inventories.

The limits you are citing are partially apparently wrong, partially if true, only applying to previously subbed master players who unsubbed. I cannot verify any of your allegations, so prove them. If true, I would consider them bugs or omissions.

So prove your point or stop spreading rumours.

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