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Tryker practicing underwater breathing technique at Deathfly Plain lakes.


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Taking a restoring bath in Shining Lake at sunset.

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My exploration channel

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My unlucky day .... Aranaketh won, I lost ... if ya search the Poo Pile, might find some of my weaps and jools.

It's one of Ykranis' major tourist attractioms... "World's Largest Pile of Poo".

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My Lucky Day ...

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My unlucky day .... Aranaketh won, I lost ... if ya search the Poo Pile, might find some of my weaps and jools.

... I ... I can find weapons in the poo pile?!?


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We can do this ..... kill this they call Glump

Maga-Skull amp.... it seems I am a little bit scary with this...

Burn them all my fire phoenix ...

Heal my comrades my ice phoenix ......

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Manque de nourriture pour les mektoubs chez les transporteurs New Horizons. Le transport se fera maintenant à dos de Yubos
Vu à Avendale il y a quelques minutes

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c'est un bug que tu peux faire sur n'importe quel personnage PJ ou PNJ egalement.
cibler une autre entité après avoir fait le choix de vouloir TP... et la bulle de dialogue est deplacé sur ta cible.

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Jazzy Mac'Plantey , Nhor Drakan
Chef de la guilde Bai Nhori Drakani
Commandant de l'Unité Fédérale Armée
Citoyen célèbre Tryker
Gardien et défenseur de la fédération

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Special Holiday Easter Broccoli


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Pick a title ....

Whaddya mean the Halloween Party was cancelled ?

Honey... you didn't you tell me that WE were having fish for dinner ?

Honey ... look what the cat brought home.

What did ya sister feed the fish while we were on vacation ?

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Rangers are friends with every living creature (MKV/h.264, cca 18MB)

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Well, they did attack you ^^

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Relaxing gnoof herder at Big Sleep Mountain.

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Trek with Nomads and friends. :D



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This party rocks!
(cept that Tryker in the middle, challenged by large Yubo)

There was death-defying adventure!
There was laughter til I cried!
There was Kitin Patrol!
There was Kaarri blowing up everything (in our path or not)!

My experience:
You want these guys on *your* side.
Atys is lovely to take in and explore, just amazing.
Met the coolest homins and they make the game, truly.
I have much to learn. :)

And you're right Loved, you do look like the pimp in this shot.

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