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Ok, here is my problem. I had about 207 screenies which i dragged and dropped onto my desktop into one folder i could access quickly, As i continued to take more screenies, they would accumulate in <my computer name>~Library~Application Support~Ryzom~Screenshots. But, they would not be included in the folder on my desktop, so i dragged and dropped that folder also to my desktop and when it asked if i wanted to replace the folder already there I said yes, thinking it would just add the new screenies, but now the old ones are gone, and only the new (84) screenies are there. I undid the drag and drop and only the (84) went back to the 'Finder' app. The older screenies are missing, and there is no longer a folder on my desktop. :(
What can i do? I haven't done a 'Time Machine' bakcup in quite a long time, like months

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It's possible so long as you haven't done too much writing to your drive since "deleting" a file doesn't actually delete it but merely removes the markers saying "There's a file here!". In practical terms, that means that so long as you don't do anything that would make the computer decide to write a different file where the "deleted" file is, that old file is still there and merely invisible.

However, the longer you use the computer, the more likely it is that you'll have a cache file or something overwrite the deleted file, so the quicker you catch it the better your chances of recovering the file.

Normally I'd say "Use Recuva", but that's a Windows-only program. Macs are a little different and all I could really find quickly for Mac was this - https://macosxfilerecovery.com/ .


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