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Support Technique


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I'm a paid subscriber.


Braba "The Flying Twig"
Contact me if u need any help.

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Hello Braba!

This is a public forum where mostly players will offer help. For account problems email support@ryzom.com from the email account connected to your ryzom account. Good luck!

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Braba --
Did you subscribe through Steam? If so, you have to use Steam unless you get the CSR's to unlink your account. (They will do so, but it may take a while.) It definitely sounds like time for an email to support@ryzom.com


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Hello Braba,

I'm sorry encountered a log in problem, but as BitttyMacod says, please contact us on support@ryzom.com and explain which account you are trying to log in and any other helpful information you think could help us sort out the problem.


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Ryzom Support Team

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Just adding what I know
Last night Guarddog fixed this issue for Braba I believe =)


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Yes, it was fixed. Sorry for my delayed response.


Braba "The Flying Twig"
Contact me if u need any help.
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