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well, I have loaded Ryzom and the tutorial area loads - I can see instructions to talk to a character, but he is blocked by a prompt asking if I want a monthly newsletter. Sure, why not? But clicking Yes and No does nothing. The window won't close. I can open a "system" window, I can open a "keys" window. But I cannot close them... I think it ignores my mouse-click. I can turn left and right with the arrow keys and move (but hard to see where I am going with all the windows open. Any ideas?

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I should mention, I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on a Samsung laptop (no smoke coming out of it)

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So, I installed Ryzom on Steam and it does the same thing! Oh, and when I force it to close, it takes out my secondary display too (have to unplug and replug the SVGA cable to get the monitor restored). Well, I give up for now. Will check back in after a few days I guess - forum seems pretty quiet.

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I got this for a little bit because I had the resolution of Ryzom set to something higher than my screen could display and I had it in full-screen mode. Basically it meant that the mouse wasn't reporting the correct xy coordinates on a click. I solved it by configuring it before launch (you can get there from the splash screen or by launching the ryzom_configuration_qt_r.exe program.

Once I had the correct resolution, it worked fine. :)

My system is Win7, and I haven't had any trouble on my Win10 laptop so I suspect this one is not Win related (for a change).


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Thanks Bittymacod! You nailed it! I had set "full screen" and "automatic" but that was not working too well. Now things are much better. I have a windowed view. Maybe will try full screen and alternate resolutions later . . .
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