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Never much cared about tribe fame, but of late guildies and others have asked about it..., and if we might possibly create a Bunny Tool (BT) for it. Scouring thru the forums, have seen folks take shots at it, but making a full lists of all possible fames seems a daunting task. I was impressed by those posts I did find where peeps have maxed out all fames. But, as far as I have found, there exists no "one page" source containing:

Tribe Info - Race, religion, location

Fames - Starting and maximum fames for each race, as well as a place to keep track of your own.

Stationary (Mostly) Tribe Mission Givers - Tribe Chief, Outpost Officer, Tribe Welcomer, Local / Frontier / Outlands Supplier, master / Apprentice Overseers, Ambassadors, Tribe Ambassador / Agent

Wandering Mission Givers - Patroller, Scout, Journeyman, Prospector, Hunter

Just for "in-house" use, we have created a BT which so far has a list of 3 races (missing Tryker) of kami aligned players (Myself = Fyros / Bosse = Matis / Zorai = Viracochaz).   Looking for a kami aligned Tryker to complete the max fame and my fame columns as the 2nd has proven to be a fine tool for finding and correcting older posted / published information which has apparently chnaged over time or mistyped at some point.  If there are Kara, Ranger, Marauder (Tryton ?) aligned players who want to spearhead (find players to contribute) the data collection, would be happy to expand the tool accordingly.

Will provide the spreadsheet upon request (send me an IG Mail with OoG e-mail you want it sent to).  I imagine, in its final form, the final tool will need a file with many "sheets", one for each faction.  At the very least, the possibilities will be different for each faction ... Kami, Kara, Ranger, Marauder (Trytonist ?).  Today's task is to compare a civilization aligned player with an unaligned of the same race and see what is different.

I'll take a shot at posting an image here in the thread and see how readable it is.  Note that the gray shaded cells not a conflict w/ something else, most likely the wiki or something from the old (archived forums).  Be happy to add more / corrected information especially on any of the wandering mission givers.

And again, much thanx to all previous, current and future contributors.


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it's a massive project FF, you might want to try to contact Robplus, he did something related to what the max fames are for various race and alignments, not sure how complete his work is on it, but i know he spend some time on it, and his data might help you in your project. just a thought.



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I did read his posts.

Right now I need a Tryker kami to complete the kami table ... if more interest is shown, will attempt the other tables


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