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Went back to 7090. Some intersting bugaboos

1. Icons on compass keep changing. Sometimes they look like 32 but client as scrolls or cartoon dialogs; other times look like tiny blue cartoon clouds or little purple diamonds

2. More often than not Kami TP at HoP is not there when I get there. TPing again makes it appear.

3. Opening the app zone via gear icon freezes game for 40 seconds.

4. About 1/6 TPs results in a crash.

5. If headphones are plugging when starting game, yanking USB cable kills Rycom sound. To re-enable, gpo into System / GameConfig / Sound and uncheck / reccheck "enable sound"

Reported these via ticket already but posted in case anyone else experiencing same.

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#2 [en] 

Please could you help us to check commits that created these issues ?

I personally never had these issues :(

Are you sure the last client didn't fix some of them ?


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#3 [en] 

Saw the diamonds on compass just yesterday .. and today (2016-05-21)

Kami TP thing twice yesterday (2016-05-20)

App zone pause is long gone

TP crash been about 2-3 days

Headphone thing, I think is Windoze,

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