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Here's a crude little pair of windows copy commands. Just copy, set your destination folder, save a text file as [whatever].bat, and run for great justice. If anyone can improve on this, please feel free.

copy "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ryzom\save\interface_*.icfg" "E:\Downloads\Games\Ryzom\"
copy "C:\Program Files (x86)\Ryzom\save\keys_*.xml" "E:\Downloads\Games\Ryzom\"

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Awesome, thanks Robplus!

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I'm not exactly sure if your directories are correct, here is my attempt to improve your commands. All you have to do, it setting old and new path in the first two lines and save it as [whatever].cmd - the .bat file expansion is from dos times, the command interpreter in windows is cmd. Are you sure, the target path doesn't need a \save added to it?

SET OLD_PATH="C:\Program Files (x86)\Ryzom\save\"
SET NEW_PATH="E:\Downloads\Games\Ryzom\"

REM Don't touch anything below this
xcopy %OLD_PATH%interface_*.icfg %NEW_PATH% /E /V /C /H /R /D /Y
xcopy %OLD_PATH%keys_*.xml %NEW_PATH% /E /V /C /H /R /D /Y


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Two alternate methods:

1.  Zip your save folder every now and then.
2.  Have Zyroom do your saves automatically.


Aside from automating backups ...

a)  Season Tracker
b)  Remote view all your storage including GH and Apartment (multiple toons and Guilds)
c)  Create chat logs
d)  Create alerts for items on NPC Storage, GH inventory, space etc.


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Just a sidenote:

Although the website itself offers zyRoom version 5.1.0, once you download that it will notify you that version 5.1.1 is available.

So, if you want the latest, you need this: www.misulud.fr/version.php?sw=zyroom&req=dl&ver=5.1.1


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