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#1 Multilingüe 

You took their OPs so now the Kami won't sell you their cast offs :*(

Well we do not care if you are a baby eating evil marauder; or a deluded loony who worships a pole dancing Matis harlot; or even if you just like hanging out with marauders and getting drunk.  If you are male, and your dappers are good, we will rip you off... I mean... *cough*... sell you high quality amplifiers. Each set comes with feathers and sparkles, and a life-time guarantee to cast faster and do more damage than any amp without feathers!  Further, while wearing these amps you will be irresistable to all homins!*

Remember feathers make them better, honest!

Each set costs 360k.  It costs more so must be better!

Contact Marichia for more information.

*Disclaimer: of course, all homines will just kill themselves laughing at your stupidity.

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#2 Multilingüe 

We still have around 40 of these amps left.  Contact Marichia if you are interested.


#3 Multilingüe 

We have more in stock. Cost 360 dappers.


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