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[Rangers] Ranger Meeting of 7 July - OOC - Foro de la Comunidad RyzomInicioInvitado



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To the Rangers Aspirant --

Please note that the meeting date was changed from 6 July announced at the previous meeting, to 7 July. This change was due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict. Thank you for your understanding.

Event Team

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Woren siloy Talai al Taly

je vous demande d'accepter mes excuses.
car je serai absente.


Homine, chef des Justes,
éradicatrice de kitins
aspirante Ranger


Y syln Ubhal / Je suis Pomme
Y Teinh'Lir Zir Tor TRYKA!!! / Je combattrai toujours pour La Liberté!!!
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