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I've got a problem, can anyone help me?

Every time i try to log in with alt (second client), i get till character selection and when i klick the Play button there, i crash. Not only ryzom crashes but OS X and i get to the login screen of OS X. It's not a problem of Character, because i can log alt in, if i haven't another client logged in at same time.

Has anyone got something similar or an idea how to solve it?

Greetings Siela

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Hi Siela,

ich habe 2 Clients auf mein Macbook noch nicht ausprobiert, aber den Fehler kenne ich, dass liegt an dem wechsel zu Vollbild Modus.

Wechsel einfach mal die Display Auflösung im Anmeldefenster, dass klappt bei mir immer.

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That didn't work :( it still crashes at the same place



Nach testen mit Siela muss man folgenden Terminal Befehl nutzen. Der Befehl bewirkt, mehrere Instanzen einer App gleichzeitig zu öffnen.

open -n /Applictions/

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Irgendwelche andere Ideen? Das Problem ist wieder da

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Happens to me too ^_^



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I just got a new iMac in December, and when I first installed Ryzom to it, I had the same issue only it didn't just happen for a second client. My only resolution was to trash the client and reinstall. Try making a new copy of the client?



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