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Agenda of Yrkanis Noble Assembly, 9h - Holeth, Germinally 24, 2nd AC 2580 (*)

Reminder: Only Matis Subjects and Ambassadors from other Nations may attend the House of Nobles. Foreign Ambassadors must leave the room before the start of the closed part of the meeting.

Prayer, by the Cleric Novitiate Shepeng.
1 - Social organization: see if there are new Nobles.
2 - Politic & diplomacy: talk of the Ambassadors (Matis and other nations's ones.)
3- Message from the Karae Court about the captive kitin.
4 - Private part of the Assembly.

(*) Пятница, 24 Октября 2014 20:00:00 UTC (6 лет назад)
The whole agenda is available in the Matis forum.
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