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hello everyone:

a few days ago i had to format my computer, whch meant the loss of all my programs including ryzom, not the forst time ive had to reinstall the linix client but this time it seems that the ubuntu software center isnt downloading the game, so i thought i'd try the sourceforge download.

it worked well till i realized it's a very old version and the updater isnt working so it gets stuck on it, hope any of you can give me a hand on this one


(updated the system to Ubuntu 14.04, but might try elementary luna within the next few weeks)

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hey asta, i know that homeless was talking about working on something that would update linux installs of various distro's, i'd say check with him, and since you might not be able to get in touch with him in game, i'll speak with him about it, with any luck we'll get this sorted out for you ASAP.


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while i dont try it by self, i heard many times like Desura have some good Ryzom, so may be is worth to check.


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I have no idea how Ryzom is packaged for Ubuntu, and therefore, if you have troubles using it, I can recommend you to use rsync instead. Rsync is a synchronization software and Ryzom have an official public directory where every game files can be accessed by it. Typing the following command will download a complete working ryzom directory in your home folder :
rsync -rtzv --progress --stats www.ryzom.com::ryzom "$HOME/ryzom/"

In this directory, you can start the ryzom_client executable. You can also update the files using the ryzom_update.sh script in the same directory. Personally, I created a script in /usr/bin/ to start ryzom, this script first update the files using rsync and then launches the client. This is a convenient way to keep up to date.


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Markanjio (atys)
I have no idea how Ryzom is packaged for Ubuntu, and therefore, if you have troubles using it, I can recommend you to use rsync instead.
Ubuntu package installs ryzom under /opt/ryzom with /opt/ryzom/ryzom.sh as launcher script. Launcher pulls/updates ryzom files located in $HOME/.ryzom (note the dot). Client app is under /opt/ryzom/ryzom_client which is distributed and updated by package manager.

Ryzom ubuntu ppa seems to be ppa:ryzom-isv/ppa. Using client from rsync works, but its 32bit binary.


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