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Danike shoen.


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I might be off topic if so sry,

I am trying to find out what happend to the Guild ''Gaurdians of Jena''

- Exi

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The search for "guardians of Jena" returns: Guardians Of Shadows /


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Exijtzoe (atys)
I might be off topic if so sry,

I am trying to find out what happend to the Guild ''Gaurdians of Jena''

- Exi

They stopped guarding Jena and now guard shadows *sigh* at least they guard something real this time :)



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As a former member during the time they adopted the name, my understanding of it was to protect the noobies because they are eaten, killed, speared, clipped in two, torn apart, stung with poison, fire breathed on them, stomped, electrified, or in other words, mercilessly made to be non-existant, hence.....a Shadow.

It wasn't practical to call them Guardians of Jena anymore because they went Kami. However....

Gaurdians of Jena still exist! That being said.........

The guild leader and only member is inactive though :(

To join, call: ahhhhh shoot, i forget his name, give me some time, it may come back to me and I will edit this post XD

P.S. This is Naema's alt, Naema was in GoJ and GoS

P.S.S. It came to me, see below on Naemas post:
His name is Lexius :)

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he found his way to us don't be scared :)

And yes we guard the shadows still as long as they allow us to do it! (I still hope next patch gets altered so ppl like us can still feel welcome in this game)


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Lexius! That is his name, Lexius! mail him if you wanna join. Just don't expect a reply for .... well, ages :(

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hallo zusammen, die Gilden Registry app von mir ist wegen Server wechsel umgezogen.

ist jetzt HIER zu erreichen.

link =

bitte editiere den link in deinen haupt post danke mj

meine habe ich bereits editiert ^^


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Please un-pin.

By now the information has gone stale to a large degree, and monitoring active guilds is a task that I don't feel like doing any longer.

Thank you for all the attention has gathered during this time. I hope someone steps up to the task of keeping a topic or an app active :)


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Info from various threads on the boards can be pulled from IG Apps nowadays ... I now use Moniq's RyGreg for Guild Affiliations ... BT's OP Registry auto updates, and I'm sure there's a few more.


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